Ipod,made easy please.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. I have bought a Ipod for a friends son.So I don't look like more of a tool than usual,I need to clarify some bits.
    As I understand it,he goes to the interweb and gets/buys songs.Songs go on to machine.Listen to pop tunes.
    Like a Sony Walkman,but for young people.
    Is that about it?
  2. Theres a software CD that comes with the IPod. You load that onto your computer, which installs ITunes. Through this you can upload songs onto your IPod and search and buy songs or albums through the online store.
    Or you can be a naughty boy and download songs from 'Other Sources' (Which I'm not condoning) :twisted: and transfer them over to ITunes.
    Thats about It.
  3. you can also 'rip' cds to the computer which can then be put onto the Ipod. I use windows media for ripping. Put the cd in, start media player, there should be a 'rip' tab at the top. Adjust the settings so the it will create mp3 files, and then 'rip' all your cds.
  4. When you load a CD onto iTunes, make sure you have an internet connection active, so it can auto-detect the song names and save you typing the damn things in yourself.
  5. Agreed, and the album artwork.
  6. I just got given an Ipod shuffle. It's a magic bit of kit, very simple to use, very well designed.

    But fu.cking Apple are a bunch of bas.tards. I downloaded the I-Tunes page from the website ( no instalation disc with a shuffle ) and it proceeds to take over your world. It changed all my media player settings and shortcuts. Duplicated any tunes that I have previously downloaded, which had the effect of filling the memory up with unwanted duplicates. My email inbox is now being used as a target for any old shizer that apple want to send me, even though I opted out of the information and update clause.

    I have steered clear of I-pod products in favour of conventional MP3 players with expandable memory. I should have stuck with my gut instinct.

    But it was a freebie so I had to have a punt.
  7. Get yourself a download of Mailwasher, you can then 'bounce' emails back at Apple and they will look like your email address doesn't work (a returned mail, address unknown message) and eventually they will give up wasting their time with your 'broken' email address, works with other spamming cnuts too, its great
  8. iTunes will do that to you if you're not careful.

    DON'T check the auto responses when you set it all up. That includes the one where it asks if you want 'important emails' sent to you or seomthing. Don't make it you're default media player and don't let it auto search for your music files.

    Set up a new music folder - compartmentalize your hard drive and give it a drive all of it's own if you're so inclined.

    Once you've got iTunes installed, set your default folder under => edit=> preferences=> advanced so you have complete control over what goes in and wher new CDs will get stored to.

    After this, go to =>file=>new folder and browse for the folder you've created. This will mean you'll only add files you want, rather than all the seedy animal porn you think you've got so cunningly hidden away in other folders. (it's not just me I know).

    or something like that.

    When you organize your files and want to change whole groups of songs at once (to alter the band or the genre or similar) left click the first, then shift+left click the last, and you'll be able to do them all at once.

    To create playlists, ctrl+N will start a new one, which you can name whatever you like, then drag songs from the list on the right to the new name on the file tree on the left so you can just listen to the good stuff and not be stuck fat forwarding through 'Muskrat love' repeatedly.
  9. On Mac (I imagine the Windoze version is similar), to get rid of duplicates in iTunes, go to the View menu, and select 'show duplicates'; you can then clean up.
  10. Also set it for manual sync instead of automatic
  11. Will it play my collection of Vera Lynn 78 rpm records? If so, how long can it play before you need to buy a new needle?
  12. Thanks for all the useful info.As the boy is 11,he probably knows more about this than I ever will.But at least I will be able to nod at the right moments.Thanks again.
  13. I couldn't "rip" my CDs so I cut them up with tinsnips, how do I get them into the IPOD? There doesn't seem to be an easy way to open it.
  14. to open,stick a screw driver in the seam and twist it. Its easier to get the CDs in if you grate them