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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Legs, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. What are the best apps for IPod Touch ad IPhone? Do you have any that are worth paying for? What are the best free apps?
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Shazam, recognises any music you record, great for getting the name of that elusive tune.
  3. Travel News - Direct Gov.


    Gives live travel news & state of roads
  4. urbanspoon
  5. Sky News
    GridPoint GB
    Camera Plus
    TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide

    Also (not strictly an App - but download link to Home Page): http://iphone.tvcatchup.com/


    (All Free)
  6. jailbreak it.
  7. Flixster,
    The eBay and Google Apps are very useful. Google includes speech recognition searching,
    Atomic Fart.
  8. I had an Itouch which I had purchased over £200 apps and music for, I sold the Itouch and my PC was broken.

    I recently got an Iphone and found all the music and stuff is gone for good and you can't re-download your purchased stuff more than once (I had to do a system restore so already used up my "free" download)

    So I pirated the shit out of it using jailbreak, don't buy anything from itunes, you are not paying to own the program or song you are paying to use it for a while, it's a f*cking rip-off.
  9. depends on what you want really. get an itunes account. from there. when you've got your app store account set up on your device, once you click on it, you'd get the top free apps. alternatively, you can search for what you'd like. best to try the free apps first. nothing to lose if you dont like it :)
  10. Or just jailbreak it?
  11. Good morning, can someone in the know be more specific about 'jailbreak', where do you get it from, what exactly does it do, what adverse affects (if any) does it have on your iphone/ipod?

    Not really into, nor do I own an ipod/iphone its for Mrs Notty who has spent a considerable amount of money, time and effort loading and personalising her device.

    If I encouraged her to download something which potentially could harm her modern marvel of a phone, my life would not be worth living.

    I can't Google it as the works PC Police keep blocking me.

    Cheers in advance.

  12. http://www.ipodtouchhacks.com/ipod/touch/jailbreak/
  13. Proberly going to sound stupid but here goes, what is this jailbreak???
  14. Alternatively you could have backed it all up and it would have been available to use on Iphone. If you approach them honestly (Apple) and have a reasonable explanation they will let you download all your music etc - but only once!