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Got a good friend about to deploy not long after commissioning and as a goodbye/get lost present we're loading up an ipod for him but are lacking inspiration

Any ideas for decent tunes that will keep him pumped up/chilled out/morale up while he's out there?

Already got things like lostprophets etc


Already got that covered but filling an 80g ipod with porn would surely give him cramp/rsi
The Best of the Goombay Dance Band
Nana Mouskouri Les 100 plus belles chansons
Black Lace party hits of the 80's
Val Doonican

Of course, you could pop a bit of Hardcore Skank Rasta Garage Hip Hop on there too just to balance it off.
Men of Harlech, preferably with the roll of honour from Rourke's Drift.

Caution it is extremely difficult to maintain cardio vascular workout pace with a fatty on.

Poxy Auto correct SH@@E
ChuffChart said:
Men of Harlem, preferably with the roll of honour from Rourke's Drift
Beware my nigga. Thats only appropriate if your iPod homeboy is a brother. Or, err, something like that I saw on telly once.

I'm seeing a remake of Zulu where Rourke's Drift is attacked by the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team led by Rev Al Sharpton.
Leaving on a jet plane by John Denver, BFBS would never play it for the End Of Tourers for some reason!

They said, "it would depress those not leaving."

We heard, "Not sure if the RAF wil make it in today!"

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