ipod confessions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by NigG, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. NigG

    NigG Old-Salt

    Come on what howlers have you got in your ipod library, I'll start you off;

    *Mr Loverman - Shabba Ranks
    *Don't leave me - Blackstreet
    *The Shaft theme - Isaac Hayes - I actually really like this

  2. shots_in

    shots_in Old-Salt

    Love Shack by the B52s
  3. Dirtyfilthymech

    Dirtyfilthymech Old-Salt

    F111 Love missile - ZZ sputnick
  4. Ursus.Maritimus

    Ursus.Maritimus War Hero

    Build A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul - can't remember the artist.
  5. NigG

    NigG Old-Salt

    Christ, Just found Relax - Frankie goes to Hollywood!
  6. exnorthener

    exnorthener Old-Salt

    this is not good have found "in your eyes" by kyle !!! i feel a bit wrong now
  7. pegasus797

    pegasus797 War Hero

    Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby...........sad, but makes me smile!
  8. jk22

    jk22 Old-Salt

    Rocky 1-6 soundtrack
  9. Pilot150

    Pilot150 Swinger

    They might be giants :p
  10. Music video(s) of Miley Cyrus. Wanking, for the purposes of.
  11. Theme from Firefly
  12. NigG

    NigG Old-Salt

    I have that as well, I like to listen to it when I'm out running.
  13. spad

    spad War Hero

    right said fred ................... should i tell myself something?
  14. hicky

    hicky Old-Salt

  15. jk22

    jk22 Old-Salt

    ever listened to training montage while running in the snow :p

    hahahahaha, i fucking did and felt hard as nails