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iPod Classic 80GB - 2 iPods, 1 laptop

I had a 3rd generation 40GB ipod. It's old now & nearly full, so I thought I'd give it to my daughter. She already has a playlist in the iTunes library on my laptop & on the 40GB pod.

Now I've bought an 80GB pod & synced it to the library. Therefore it's the same as my daughter's & the library in the laptop. My query is; how can I adjust both pod's to their owner's needs when they use the same library? (eg delete my daughter's list from my new pod without deleting it from hers or the library)? I guess manual management of both from here on will help.

Suggestions please...
foxs_marine said:
Thanks for the advice. Both pods are now separated, but sharing a library. I no longer have to listen to "Lazy Town" & "High School Musical"!
you say that as if its a bad thing but i had same problem with my ipod touch and my gf old nano i created her own itunes account on her own laptop im to lazy to manually sort out my own music ect

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