iPod app for snipers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. What's the spotter gonna be doing then?? Gonking?
  2. Well I'm no expert but if that's a DiMarco in that picture, and you're planning to attach your ipod to it, surely the enemy will be pretty bloody close by the time you've worked out your trajectory and you're not going to need to know it anymore?
  3. Feck knows, but I'm glad I don't have to lug one of these around....

  4. But you can play "I like big butts" whilst engaging the enemy!!


    STOP!!!!! HAMMERTIME!!!!
  5. So every time you make a guestimate on range/windage etc, and input the data onto your Ipod, you have to move your supporting hand off of the stock?

    That's assuming that the target isn't already driving off laughing in his Taliwagon, because you've taken soooo fucking long.
  6. Perhaps the spotter can input the data with a covert blade of grass, and read off the values?
  7. The Final Countdown?

    I can see a new thread coming........... songs to snipe to.
  8. Could that be STOP!!!! TRIGGERTIME

    Or Galvanise by the Chemical Brothers - I kept singing to myself 'World - my finger is on the trigger. ' whenever I heard it on the radio

    Executioner style by Linkin Park, don't know about sniping but great for FISCH

    45 caliber killer but outta the filla
    Elevated show your brothas how your not a gorilla
    Smooth talking fully automatic weapon constiller
    Taste thrilla, great filler
    Hit 'em with the godzilla
  9. C0ck the hammer by cypress Hill
    War Ensemble by Slayer
    Hey man, Nice Shot by feeder

    edited for mong spelling
  10. "Hit me with your rythm stick", perhaps or "Na-Na, Na-Na, Nineteen"?
  11. Shoot to Thrill, by AC/DC.

    And, sitting here giggling to myself, the theme from Benny Hill.
  12. Shouldn´t they be spending their R&D on a tide table app for the Royal Navy?

    Or a "can we get away" app, for working out speed of your boat compared to the Iranian Repulican Guard boats?
  13. I bolted a camera to a gimpy once the recoil realy fecked up the lens
  14. it says that one of it's presets is for the "KAC PDW"
    PDW stands for Personal Defence Weapon, and PDW's are usualy short barreled carbine type weapons (or shorter) intended to be a sort of rifle/SMG cross, that can be used by vehicle crews, air crew, and other people who need a shorter weapon than the standard issue weapons, but want rifle grade firepower, not available from an SMG. (e.g. people involved in FIBUA, CQB or whatever else you want to call it) am I right so far?

    So why on gods earth do you want to calculate range, ajustments for wind ect.on a weapon using iron sights, or a red-dot type sight in some cases, with maximum effective ranges in the 200-300m bracket (according to manurefacturers) weird.