iPlayer on Wii and external hard drive

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by yeoman, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. I have just down loaded iplayer onto my Wii and was wondering if you could use it play your own films on and external hard drive.

    On the hard ware side it looks possible as the Wii has a USB that would allow you to connect the hard drive to the Wii. From that point I imagine that you would need some sort of DVD palyer software , DIv X or windows media player equivelent, to actually paly the content.

    I know the wii cant play DVD's in its native state, but playing video files from a hard drive might just work.

    Any Tech boffins have a view?
  2. As far as I know, the USB sockets on the back are for the (apparently) upcoming Wii HDD. Unless you have it flashed then I don't think you can use them for anything other than charging stuff at the moment.

    Incidentally IF you do get it flashed, you can DL an Application which will allow you to watch DVD's ;)
  3. How do you do that?
  4. I imagine it will be in the online Wii-Shop channel. Hopefully it will be a free download
  5. Thanks for the info on the HDD.

    iPlayer is a free down load from the Wii Shopping Channel. Thanks a couple of minutes and is spot on. They even have films on now.
  6. You can use a keyboard through the USB apparently. Nintendo also keep on producing updates to stop the home brewers - be careful not to brick your device!

    The iPlayer app is surprisingly good on the Wii.
  7. Yeah Watch out for the updates. Ours is flashed for the kids as there is NO way we're replacing the games they have at £30-£40 a pop, (bunch of banana fingered chimps they are). So when the kids only use the copies we have made. If they trash it, burn another copy at a cost of about 10p a disk instead.

    Also, its disconnected from the internet so no chance of an unwanted update coming through, also we remove the updates from the disk before burning so its relatively safe.