Iphone4 or HTC Desire HD?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Miner, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Another bone phone question.

    After posting http://www.arrse.co.uk/mobile-phones/151105-what-mobile-phone-around-%A3200.html, my company have decided to let me have any phone I want for free. All due to the bosses son throwing a slight tantrum about the phones on offer.

    So now I'm stuck between getting an Iphone4 or a HTC Desire HD.

    I'm going to be using it primarily as a phone (crazy that), texting, taking pictures, checking email (private & work, but not sending any via my phone, as I'll do that in the office), checking Facebook and looking at the odd internet site (lets be honest here, I'll be checking out ARRSE). Some kind of sat nav would also be good for finding my way to new clients address'. I can charge it every night, but I would like the battery to last out a normal day (say 16-17hours). I'll also have this phone for 2years.

    Now I've looked on various other websites, but they seem to be over run with geeks (un-surprisingly), who baffle me with techno jargon. I have no idea what "os" or "ios" is, or the difference in having 3 axis or whatever.

    Some people are saying the iphone is for use straight out of the box, but you can't customise it.
    Whereas the DHD needs a little bit of setting up, but is fully customisable.
    I don't even know if I want to customise it, or if I have the technical savvy to customise it.

    Can somebody in plain English help me in deciding what phone I should choose?
    What are the pros & cons of each, does anybody have any of these phones?

  2. If you're a techno biff go for the iPhone. It's easy to use, and IMO better than the HTC Desire.
  3. I have had two htc phones, different models, one was a desire, both sent back as being faulty because theTouchscreen stopped working on both.
    Now have an iPhone 4 and think it's great.
  4. HTC Desire HD all the way. Played with one yesterday - it is fantastic. Quite some way ahead of Iphone in every department imho
  5. I've got the HTC Nexus, good phone, has Google Maps as standard, also has Car Home, voice type GPS/Sat Nav malarkey on it. Had no dramas with it so far. Good for email, comes with Gmail. Only prob I come across is the battery life, if constantly using internet, it lasts around 6 hrs, but chargers are available for the car, smaller and lighter than the iPhone too. Plus you don't have to wait for a new model comes out before updating the browser as you recieve regular updates, hope this helps.
  6. It's the same for the iPhone 4 as well mate with constant internet / application usage.
  7. Cheers everyone.

    So it's:-

    Iphone4 - 2votes.
    HTC DHD - 2votes.

    Again, the iphone is being held up as the phone for me (a techno biff).
    But the DHD also sounds good as updates are sent to it when they come out. Which bearing in mind I'll have this phone for 2years is a good idea.

    I bloody hate choosing techno stuff.
  8. iPhones have updates send to them via iTunes.

    A friend said that he bought a hardcase for his HTC desire, and it halved his phone signal.
  9. Can I log onto itunes via the phone itself, or do I need to plug it in to a computer?
    I'll probably download little to no music onto my phone, so going on itunes won't be a common occurance for me.
  10. You have itunes on your iPhone, but I've never tried to download an update straight to the phone. Good question. I don't know is my answer. Possibly not?
  11. HTC Desire HD hands down, most apps are free, O.S is superfast with extendable memory using micro S.D cards. Battery life is fine as long as you don't constantly have on bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, 3g at the same time. There are also plenty of free apps to help you conserve battery usage. Mine needs charged once per week, and more importantly it plays flash video natively.
    Don't really use it much for music, but when I do you can either download straight to the phone or simply plug in to the p.c with the supplied usb cable and drag and drop, no need for any third party apps like Itunes just works like a portable hard drive.

    Oh and the free google maps navigation has also replaced my sat nav now that the screen is a bit bigger.

    Best bet would be to pop in to a shop and have a play with both.
  12. You can get the spanking new free ARRSE app for the iPhone :)

    Look, to be honest, there are pros and cons to both phones. Play with them both and see what you like the most.
  13. i have the htc google nexus one. love it. yes it is thirsty powerwise when you are playing games and surfing but so is the iphone. i prefer the android operating system. i have an ipod touch and it is good but does not make me want one of the phones. with my nexus one i have changed the sms app for a completly different one. there are so many android apps that are completly free it is unreal. much better phone imho.
  14. You'll need to play with a friend's iPhone though Miner! The bloke that sold my missus one earlier this week said they weren't allowed to open the box & give you a rundown of it as apparently it ruins "the Apple experience" of opening it yourself at home.
  15. I have had a Desire (not the HD one) for about 6 months and it is awesome. The only prob is that I use it so much that I thrash the battery. You get a free Satnav through the build in Google Maps navigation function. Some of the music apps are very good (TuneWiki scrolls song lyrics - v. cool).

    You don't really need to set up much, but there are so many cool widgets that I am always adding new ones and deleting old ones. You can also use it to drag and drop files like a USB drive, particularly media files - you don't need to synchronise using iTunes etc. It also does multitasking - I tend to have my internet browser open, facebook running, playing music, while downloading stuff from the marketplace and downloading podcasts too. You don't have that with the iPhone.

    On the other hand the iPhone is very simple and intuitive and I would get one for my mum / wife etc.