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iPhone Walt App

An iPhone Walt Photo App :| Whatever next?

FakePhoto is a picture mixing application allowing you to fit your face or friends faces onto images of tough soldiers world-wide. It is the only application that works both with color and Black and white Images with outstanding results.
The result Images can be send directly by email, or saved in your device's Photo-Album for any other use (For example Facebook, Profiles, Avatars and such).
App Store - FakePhoto - Military Edition

Great reviews... :|

Customer Reviews


by Unhappy chapAbsolute nonsense, Ive got loads of photo changing apps and this is unusable!! worst app I've ever downloaded!! should be free, it's so bad I wouldn't even use it if free, just wasted 60p and deleted within 5 mins

Fake Photo

by theodore SkordisExcellent App I just love it,Please add more images Especialy British,thank you Chaps!


by Gazzy BAbsolute total CRAP

It's harmless fun........that is all. I've got more important things to worry about.

It's for kids who want to pretend they're squaddies etc. Man up.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
I'm quite tempted to stick my ageing face on pictures of me as a young hero or does it only work on pictures they select?

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