Iphone v G1

OK....here's the deal. I am currently over in the hot sandy place. When I get back my contract with T-Mobile is up.

I've been hankering over an IPhone for quite some time. I looks good and the few that I've had my sticky mitts on seem pretty good. An excellent interface and the web browsing seems good too.

Now the G1 has been thrown into the mix. So the question is, which do I get. I haven't really had chance to get my hands on the G1 yet.

I really wanted to get satnav on the phone too. I know that it currently isn't available on either. Searches seem to suggest that a couple of firms have it for the IPhone, but it's not yet on sale for various reasons.

Come on guys, There must be a few of you out there that have played with both...Informed opinions please.


I have an iPhone 3G and it works OK.

As delivered it uses Google maps and the GPS chip inside it to provide something that looks a bit like satnav but doesn't talk. For finding places on foot it works well, in the car it's not so clever as the processing power is too slow, (the refreshes are too slow to make the right turning unless you are aware of the issue), and, of course, it won't talk to you.

I have a proper satnav in one car and use it in preference. As for the rest of the iPhone, almost everything works as you would expect. There is no "Cut and paste", so resending e-mails with quotes/alterations is a pain.

On the whole I'd recommend it, some of the third party apps are great, iSaber anyone?


Iphone 3g is still the phone to have at the moment. The G1 is good but no cigar. If you can wait, do as has been said and take a look at the G2 when it comes out. Also new iphones are due out this summer.....

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