iphone use in Afghan

deploying very soon to afghan, can i take my Iphone minus the SIM card so i can use it as an ipod ?
or is this disallowed ?
not sure whether its allowed or not but i have definitely seen guys update their fb via an iphone while out there the most recent being just a few hours ago. personally speaking i would leave the iphone at home and take an older ordinary ipod which aren't too expensive if you can get one cheap. that way if you break it you haven't lost anything of too much value.
iphone without a SIM is an iTouch, which are fine. All other nations use them with the SIM's in, but that would definitly contravene the UK policy.
Of course with iphone minus SIM you can still use skype when in a wifi zone.
When I was there last it was no mobile phones. End of.

Sim card removed or not. I would imagine if you were found to be in possession of a iPhone with/without SIM you would still be in poo.

Leave it at home. It is 6 months, the world will not suddenly fall apart due to your lack poncing about with an iPhone. In fact you'll look a lot more masculine.
iphone without a SIM is an iTouch, which are fine.

No it isnt, They actually mention this on the briefs sometimes. No Iphone with or without a sim.
thanks for help gents....
i dont give a f**k about facebook...emails..... blar blar blar..... just wanted to look at a few pics and listen to some sounds.
looks like the mrs will get a secondhand, but early xmas pressent !!

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