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Hi all, got a new Iphone for xmas already unlocked, and i used it with my Voda simcard a few times., but like the dozy B I am, I upgraded the software and locked it again.
I have managed to downgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 but my firmware is still 04 02 13_G.
The Iphone functions all work except the telephone bit, so I have an expensive IPod Touch at the moment.
Anyone got any ideas? Or know someone who does this type of thing?

I have trawled the net since Xmas, but most of the cracks assume you know what you are doing, rather than a complete IT biff like me.


have you gone to one of your local IT shops (not PC world or anything but the smaller businesses) as they should be able to do it, or even one of the smaller retail phone shops (not a big chain store though!)
When I got my upgrade last year, I asked in my local Vodafone store if they knew anyone in town who could unlock my old phone (for use abroad with my ever growing collection of SIM cards!) They said that they could for £15 but if I went round the corner to the independent mobile phone shop, he would do it for a tenner ...

So ... the big dealers do unlock them, they just charge more for the service.
iPhones are tricky little moneys to unlock. If it has bootloader 3.9 then you can fix your update back to its factory setting and then redo it, but when the next firmware 1.1.3 is released the current software unlock that will work on your 3.9 version will cease to work. So DONT update.

If your bootloader is 4.06 then you cannot unlock an iphone using software alone at the moment. This applies to all UK phones supplied by O2thieves and Carphone warehouse. If you get a US one then look at the seriel number if its lower than 39 (4th and 5th number) then you should be ok, if not you are stuck with the 4.06 bootloader and a locked phone.

There are many people working on a software unlock for this 4.06 version but so far no joy. they can be unlocked however using jailbreak and a turbo/next/magic/stealth sim which sits on your sim card and fakes an 02 or AT&T card for the purposes of unlocking the phone. They work, but be very carefull how much you spend (they are all made in China and cost about £7 at source, despite whatever silly claims they may make) and to buy a turbo sim in UK from official sources is £79. You can get ones off ebay, but there are huge numbers of scammers. If you want a reliable one (where i got mine) then pm me, they cost about £25 plus postage for a sim for a US phone or £38 plus postage for a UK one.

I have a US one and it works perfectly (they are about £70 cheaper there as well) But i know people who have a UK one and have unlocked it using the same method.

Your phone should be unlockable by software then resetting back to 1.1.2 but if you update again (to 1.1.3 when its out) it will be locked out for good.

There are loads of companies who will do it for you but they want £100 ish in UK to unlock iphones at 4.06 or about £39.99 for 3.9. If you have 3.9 you can do it for free and it is very very easy, despite what the internet will tell you.

I can't send you a link as I am at work and not allowed to do anything remotely fun with IGS.
Hi all, thanks so much for all your offers of help and advice,
I had a bit of a result last night, I spent £7 on ebay and bought a set of instructions on how to do it, I downgraded the software from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 and also downgraded the baseband to 04.01.13G, used anysim 1.1 and hey presto, my Iphone is working again. Mint!!
also, I got a load of useful links and games, wallpapers etc, so if anyone needs this info, PM me and Ill email it all across.

Thanks again.


PS: A useful tip, : NEVER let your 11 year old daughter plug your Iphone into Itunes, if you do, she will definetly press YES to upgrade as opposed to NO.
Well if you have one of the new iPhones with the latest bootloaders you can go here to unlock it.

I have one and the software unlocks it in about 5 minutes. No need to pay someone 100 quid to do it for you. Result.

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