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Basically, my iPhone screen has recently (within the last hour or so, 'twixt pub and kebab-wallah) taken a fall and cracked. Quite a lot, actually. After a quick perusal of google et al., I've come to the conclusion that it's gonna cost a bloody fortune to replace- has anyone got any rather cheaper alternatives to shelling out full whack at the apple store?

Cheers easy,

C_B (slightly squiffy)
Claim off your insurance for a new one and then sell your cracked one on ebay as either damaged or for parts, this should cover your excess thus costing you nothing.
Will I still be able to keep my apps and stuff? Also, does house insurance cover it (the contents bit, at least)? I don't think that I took out dedicated insurance for the phone...
If you have syncronized your phone with Itunes then I think that you should be able to connect your new phone up and have them put on, best double check that in a phone shop first though. I know that I can move things about between my Ipod and Iphone without any extra charges as everything is connected up to my account.

Not sure if your contents insurance will cover it, have a look at your paperwork, it would be surprising if your not covered for the phone by any insurance given the value of it. Also check with your bank as a friend is covered for hers through her accounts, not sure what branch or type though.
May depend on how old it is, try going to an apple store first and have them take a look at it. my OH iphone had lines of dead pixels appear which would interfere in the operation of the phone, she had had the phone for 11 months and 3 weeks,they looked at it said it was knacked and gave her a new one. she told a colleague at work whose screen was broke, she went down and they gave her a new one too, got to be worth a try before you start spending any money.
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