iPhone Repairs (Smashed Screen)

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by rmgbem, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi Everyone.

    Anybody got experience of having the glass screen on their iPhone replaced?

    My daughter has smashed hers but the insurance want £100.00 while I've found firms online via the Mail who will do it with guarantee for £45.00. Anybody got experience and recommendations?

    All tips appreciated; TVM in advance.
  2. Many indoor markets etc offer low cost replacements, prices depend on location really,

    I got mrs Beemers done & cost no more than £25 & done within an hour

    However prices of £45 is fairly common
  3. Type in 'iPhone glass screen' on eBay, anything from £4-£30 with the 'special' removal tool and instructions.
  4. Have had to do it twice now for my 3GS. Simple job only takes 30mins or so. There are loads of video tutorials on YouTube.
  5. Or you could just get a decent phone with gorilla glass.
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  6. I went to the apple shop and they replaced it for free.
  7. Binning it and getting a decent phone is the preferred option.
  8. Do it yourself, it's easy. There are a couple of fiddly ribbon cables underneath, but nothing difficult.
  9. Any recommendations?
  10. One of the Galaxy series, I'm quite happy with mine (Galaxy S, not bleeding edge anymore, but does everything I want it to do).

    I wouldn't intentionally try this but it is interesting.
  11. I though iPhones had gorilla glass
  12. It's true. I was nice to them and didn't tell them I dropped it, and they did it for free. Disbelieve if you want, but it happened.
  13. Nokia N8, lovely camera.
  14. As to a Nokia N86