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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mister_Angry, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know how long O2's exclusivity on the Iphone has left to run?
  2. Not sure, but the iphone can be unlocked from o2, using a program called (I think) Jailbreak.
  3. Well they just offered me a new one but I said no (Doesn't help you I know), not robust enough for me, too fecking large and a visual reminder of my huge phone bills.

    However to answer your question no, but I imagine they have that contract tied up for the foreseeable.

    Depends why you are after one but you could try one of the Chinese versions (Copies). No 3G or wifi with them I'm afraid but you can pick them up for about £70.
  4. Mate's Doris bought one of those iClones and it only worked for about 3 days.
  5. I wish ld got something else now. Had an Iphone 3 months, and its shit - no bluetooth which even the most basic phones have nowadays, an absolute pain to text with, the new software upgrade is just a money spinner for add ons....

    Trust me - its shit! The new one is no better, it has video camera.. wow
  6. Never turn on till you are sure its dry, people turn it on to check its ok and that is when the damage is done when still wet
  7. Don't bother with the iPhone - the HTC Magic does everything the iPhone does, and you can get it with Vodaphone.
  8. Double post.
  9. Steer Clear of then i guess! failing that get an iTouch and stick with your standard phone, again really depends what you want it for though.
  10. I love mine to bits - not too large, frankly the texting is pretty easy, it's intuitive and rather fun.

    One year on and the batteries are holding up better than I expected although short battery life is supposedly its achilles heel.
  11. I would stick with my phone, and maybe get the iTouch like frenchie says.

    I find it too fiddly to type in, I don't feel the need to personally watch or show other people youtube clips all the time, and I'm getting by fine without having the WWW, Google Maps, Tfl Journeyplanner (if you use London public transport) and GPS at my fingertips all the time. I am in the market for an MP3 player though, and I certainly wouldn't sniff at having these usefull tools around with me wherever I go and not be bound by a contract.

    If I just got the iPhone then there'd be no juice left to make a call as I'll always be listening to music. When I've made a call there'll be no juice left for the music.

    For me there is only one in the class: the iPhone, because of how well its been designed and made and how well the operational aspects have been thought out. The operation of the device totally pisses on the competition, even if they do have better specs. Its no good having all those features if they're a pain in the rectum to use.

    Ask yourself how much you need / want the stuff that the iPhone can do that a normal phone cant'. If the answer is "lots, and now" then fair enough.

    The iPhone is a cool idea, and very nicely done too for a 1st Gen tricorder pocket computer thing. I'm going to wait for all of them to mature though...
  12. Right i have asked a mate who plans distribution of handsets, however it is for a rival company. His answer was simply that o2 have got it locked down.
  13. Anyone who knows how long the contract between Apple and O2 is won't be allowed to tell, but I would think it's locked down for a good while yet. If you can't wait for the rumours of a tablet type device to become real (and the expectation in the US is that it will go to another carrier while AT&T keep the iPhone - so maybe the same will happen here), then why not consider a phone running Android, or the new Palm Pre. The Pre was developed by some of the bods who did the iPhone, and looks very tasty. Me, I just got an iPhone 3GS, but then I'll buy anything with an Apple sticker...
  14. Cheers, Austen, v.useful.