iphone naked phot cyber stalking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. It seems that the info available in Iphone phots can give shed loads of details including GPS data

    It appears this is generating some serious bird stalking activities on this lovely NSFW forum

    Is this gen or just a pervo wind up :?

    NSFW stalking stuff
  2. It's true, Image files contain data such as who owns the camera, and when the photo was taken.

    Not sure about the GPS but my iphone has a location option for when taking photos and it's supposed to name your photos from where you took them so yes I suppose it's true if it is an upload straight from the device.
  3. You twonker, you take the picture and provide the GPS details which the iPhone you take it on provides. It's not some sneaky beaky pervert tactic pikeying GPS data from some tart taking pics of themselves in the mirror. :lol:
  4. Oh. How disappointing. :cry:
  5. Your wrong on that one.

    Google Exif data, it's not something most people would even know about before they upload pics.

    If I recall some kid took pictures of himself being cruel to a cat, hackers tacked him down using the Exif data in the pic and called the police.

    You can even get stuff like shutter speed, though if an image is uploaded to something like imageshack first it usually gets rid of the data.
  6. From what I saw, they raided their details from across various sources on the net. Anon are scarily efficient bastards at the best of times, it doesn't require GPS coordinates from an iPhone :lol: and they don't like kitty killers :( Also do a fair bit more than just call the police :twisted:
  7. Yeah but they got his name (or rather his dads) from the Exif data on the photo file.

    What I'm saying is people could take photos of themselves in their iphone using location services, then before they upload it change the file name thinking that will erase the location, but the exif data inside the photo file will still contain their location, I think that is what the original post was on about, and it's true.
  8. Might make it easier to call a JDAM down on the heifers...
  9. Pervert/Peado Victory
  10. Yep, i've just realised I've given a sort of tutorial on how to stalk people by photos on Arrse of all places. :)
  11. Too much technical stuff. Anyways god bless cameraphones and full length mirrors
  12. I'll second that, both are pretty good on their own merit but coupled together can really....um, enrich someones life.
  13. Not really, all you would have to do is download the photo by right clicking and selecting "save image as" and then open it with an Exif reader like THIS one.

    Happy stalking. :D

  14. Good call Dolly!! Camera Phones and mirrors are a good combination!! not sure if the GPS location is a good idea!! Sometimes stalking is not a fun vocation for a ARRSE enthusiast!! Hmmmmm have to weigh up the benefits of location ID to being able to trace phones reciving that info.......which they can by the way "potential stalkers"!!!

    helps being in the job!! ( know what i can get away with!!! he he )
  15. That is immense, arousing but also quite scary at the same time.

    So all the pics of my inhumanly large erection ive sent to various slags over the years can be traced back to me? 8O :oops: