Iphone geek help

Is there an app for Iphones for Blackberry messenger.

I use a BBerry as does the doris, but all her crap pals use Iphones and will cost me a fortune in texts for her when overseas if there is no app.

Help por favor
There have been rumours for the last year or so, but it keeps getting put back.

BBM uses the PIN to talk to another device, so until that's opened up by RIM, it's not going to happen.

Twitter is probably your best bet, although that's open unless you send PMs.
A novel solution - dial one handset from the other. The second one will ring. Accept the call and it works just like a telephone.

Cost - well that's subjective. If one is in the UK and the other in the US, there's not many ways you can communicate over 4000 miles for just a few pennies. I'd say just use the phone and keep it brief.
That's where your wrong though. Comms via BBM are effectively free wherever you are.
Boss the pingchat thing lets pictures be sent as well as messages, and according to the site it's free

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