iphone battery replacement

Depends how good your 'hands on tech' is & if it's anything like me then get it done locally,

£9 off fleabay + up to 20 mins all done sounds good untill you try it yourself ;-)
If a job's worth doing, it's worth paying someone to do it properly.
The 3 ipod touches in my household have all been taken apart DIY stylee, and had various bits replaced at some point The ones you see on youtube have all been opened previously, which makes it a hell of a lot easier. My first couple of attempts resulted in forking out for new screens to replace the ones I broke, and various other bits my sausage fingers snapped.
If you have the patience, a delicate touch, and a bit of spare time on your hands then go ahead. If you know a bloke on the sunday market who can do it cheaply, pay him to do it. Once they have been opened they are rarely ever 100% again.
good luck


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I didn't bother. I went to the Apple Shop and swapped my old iPhone and £50 for a new brand spanking iPhone. Job jobbed!

BTB I was given one of these for chrimbo. 'Kin awsome!
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