Iphone 4 video problem

Tried transferring videos from my iphone4 to the PC for the first time last night!

Playback on the phone is as how i recorded it at the time, but after transferring the file over to the PC and viewing it through itunes and quicktime viewer the video skips frames, there is no problem with the audio, that plays continuously but as i say the video itself skips frames which is extremely annoying.

Anyone come across this problem?

Also can someone suggest a photo program thats compatible with itunes? I did have a trial verson of an adobe program but the trial has now run out

Many thanks
Is your PC powerful enough to play these videos? They are 720p h264 which is quite intensive to play unless you have some hardware acceleration.
possbily not! are they 720p as standard recording?

thats a bit disappointing if it is, the video plays ok apart from every second it skips a frame, not sure if thats the computer struggling or a problem with the upload, or both
Download a (free!) programe called VCL player, you might see better performance with that.

HD can be pretty intensive - I used to download 1020p movies from a website called ZML (like all of MP3 but for movies) and I still used to see skipping on my duel core macbook. Although the good thing with VLC is you can tweak the playback settings to improve it.

VideoLAN - VLC media player - Open Source Multimedia Framework and Player

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