IPhone 4 video footage to email

Hi all. I'm a Techno biff and just wondered how easy it were to extract some film footage from the IPhone 4 then attach it to an email. The file is to large to send it directly from the phone so do I need any software or is it fairly easy to do on my windows laptop? (Vista) Thanks
Very easy. Plug the iphone into your PC via the USB charging cable. Browse to "my computer" and you'll see the iphone listed as removeable media. Browse through phone to video, copy it to PC, and email
Another way to do it to simply open the film then:

1. Tap the screen and a pop up menu will appear asking you if you want to email it, MMS or Utube it.
2. Tap on email.
3. The software will then either send it as it is or
4 It will tell you the film clip is too big and offer you a screen where you can choose a segment of the film to send.

Just follow the instructions.

Or as stated above, use the apple software on your pc. Alternatively download the film to any windows photo / film software and follow the software instructions.
Convert it to something smaller file format wise using Format Factory or similar, or upload it to youtube which I'm pretty sure you can do
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