iPhone 4 in theatre

Just a quick one really: what's the crack with taking an IPhone without the sim card and airplane mode on to theatre?

I've been told conflicting things and would really rather not fork out for an iPod.

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By far the best, and simplest thing is - do NOT take a phone with you. If you do, switch it off at Brize, and switch it on again when you get back to Brize (or maybe Cyprus). If you can, it also makes sense to cancel your contract - no point paying for 7 months of nothing.

Get an mp3 player of some sort - cheap enough out there, you can get the VAT back, so bring your music on a memory stick, and transfer it there.
Had a brief on this in Bastion the other day - basically if it can take a sim card then you're not even allowed to have the battery in it when in theatre. The CSM went on specifically about iphones -they are banned. Get out here, get on Amazon and get yourself a tax-free mp3 player.


Yes iPhones without the sim are banned. It’s a stupid ruling but those are the rules…

If you’re with O2 ask to speak to their armed forces department and request your account to be suspended for the duration of your tour. You can have your account reconnected while you are on R&R.
They provide excellent customer service and I’ve been very happy with them.
When i was there on H13 we were given all those briefs about them being able to track your phone signal and how much trouble you could get into if caught with a mobile phone and blah blah blah. I had my iphone out there for the duration of the tour simply put on airplane mode for 6 months. Just used it for music and games and some internet use when we got to price or bastion. With hindsight I probably would have just as well off with a ipad. But nobody ever said anything about it including monkeys and raf plod

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