iPhone 4.0 software upgrade

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Legs, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone upgraded an iPhone 3G or 3GS to the new version of the software? I've heard some rumbles that it buggers the iPhone up/causes total lockouts. Anyone care to confirm?
  2. I put OS4 on my 3GS on Monday and have noticed no problems.
  3. I think the problems with the software and locking out are only found if you 'unlawfully' unlocked your iphone, i.e. you used one of the hacking progs to unlock it from the original contract it was locked into. I am about to give it a go but I bought an unlocked one from O2 so hoping there wont be any problems.
  4. My 3GS flashed just fine, new features are ok but I lost 1 gig of storage after the upgrade, not happy about that!
  5. Tried to upgrade, but Win7 couldn't 'see' my iBone afterwards so the upgrade didn't take place; had to restore the old OS and restore settings/contacts/etc from backup. I assume it's a Win7/iTunes issue rather than iBone, nevertheless I'm less than impressed.
  6. Updated mine when they released it, unfortunately after doing so I lost all internet connectivity via 3G, could only get it using WiFi, resulted in a trip to the Apple store where I was told that they hadn't heard of this happening before and me having to do a total restore.
  7. got it, no problems on a O2 contract 3Gs.
    nice features, loving folders, I have no apps on my front page other than safari, so get my background nice, then all apps in folders on next screen
  8. Not an iphone, but I am using 4.0 on my 3g iPod touch, as well as running iTunes on Windows 7, and have noticed no such problems.
    My upgrade went completely smoothly.
  9. Show off :p

    I've got a 3G and I've read that they're most likely to be affected. However, I had a similar problem upgrading before and had to reboot into XP to get it sorted, may be some hardware issue. I was considering going through XP again, but having read some of the horror stories i think I'll just keep things as they are :)
  10. So I leave my 3G at OS 3.1.3, and upgrade my 64Gb iPod Touch then?
  11. No problems with my 3G since installation, in fact it seems to be working better.
  12. It's important to bear in mind that you need to update itunes to the latest version (9.2 IIRC) before attempting to update the iphone OS otherwise the software and the device won't interface properly.
  13. The word from the Apple Store in Regent Street. If you have a 3G then don't upgrade as it'll slow the phone down so much it will barely be usable.
  14. Were you jailbroken, there have been some issues with jailbroken Iphones installing the new firmware and keeping the old files, as I understand it you need to do a full restore before you update.

    I've not upgraded myself, I'm still running a jailbroken 3.0 os.