iPhone 3GS vs HTC HD2 Help!!

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Flatcap, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. I am a bit of a ludite when it comes to keeping up with mobile technology and look to experienced users of iPhones and HTC HD2 to give some pluses and negatives about each.

    After only ever having had normal basic mobile phones, I am looking for something better that can access email, diaries/organisers, general internet browsing etc. I have looked at both the HTC and iPhone, but also lurking around in the background is the Nokia N97 mini.

    Any thoughts?


  2. The iPhone is great if you're a mong, as it's easy to use, and figure out.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I had similiar needs and when I totted everything up I ended up getting the touch screen Blackberry 95xx.
    It had the biggest screen, and has the "push" email. It can also be used as a bluetooth modem for my Netbook, which is not offered by the iPhone.

    iPhone is more gucci, but I wanted a tool not a toy.
  4. Nokia N97 is pants.

    The iphone is ok, the HD2 has a bigger screen, faster processor and is windows compatable where the iphone needs an app to make it so.

    The iphone has built in mem and the HD2 uses a micro sd card up to 16gig size.

    The HD2 also is push email compliant and is bluetooth compliant with anything, unlike the iphone. It also has a 5 mpixl camera, the iphone is 3.5m.

    HTC have been making smart phones for over 10 years, the products were then 'badged' for the company that wanted them made, like ipac, 02, etc.

    See here...


    Personally, go for the HD2 or the Desire. Both by HTC.
  5. I've got the first iPhone model which I think is around three years old now, and I've still got no urge to upgrade - even to the new model coming out in the next couple of months because (as phones go) it's still perfect.

    It syncs fine to my email accounts, and there's a setting for manually downloading emails so although it's not push, emails are never older than fifteen minutes minutes, and I like the touch screen keyboard.

    I can't advise you on the HTC, but I imagine that's probably an equally good phone. Personally, I'll always stick with the iPhone because I use a mac anyway, and I like how everything is synced between them - appointments, notes, contacts etc.
  6. What about music files? Does the HTC accept the iTunes format or do you have to somehow convert them??

    Cheers, all good info so far

  7. All my music is on my pc in windows media player so I just transfer it over to the HD2 and play it there, so I dont know that much about if it can use itunes.

    It also comes with a standard 3.5 pin head phone socket so you can use what ever head phones you want.
  8. I have the iPhone 3Gs. It has "push" email and works as a bluetooth modem (though I have to pay extra for so-called 'internet tethering' via Orange).

    I love my iPhone, and use it for everything from music to email to calendar to taking pictures to finding my way around on the train/bus/tube/roads to ordering pizza to, believe it or not, phoning people. The app store is brilliant as you can add just about any functionality you can imagine in a few seconds for a few pence.

    And the games are awesome. 'Backbreaker', 'Fifa 10' or 'Tom Clancy: HAWX' will keep you entertained for days.

    The only downside is you can't customise it in the same way that you can with Android or Windows Mobile - and the packages tend to be quite a bit more expensive.
  9. I don't know about that way around, but I was worried that my existing music wouldn't work on the iPhone. Actually, it's really simple - you can drag and drop any MP3 files you have into iTunes and it will automatically stick them on your iPhone.

    You can also put CDs in, and iTunes will rip them and put them on the phone with correct song names and cover art, etc.
  10. Traded my I Phone in for a HTC Desire a few weeks back. Fantastic phone.
  11. The iPhone has better power management (battery) and is so simple to use, Apple's mantra of 'it just works' for their products is accurate. My last 2 phones were window phones and were not a patch on the iPhone as the main let down was all the stuff that has to run in the background for it to function well and this is what limits its day-to-day battery life.

    My experience and opinion.
  12. I kow this is not your question, but have a look at android phones to. HTC Desire is the best phone/comms tool I have ever seen.
  13. I disagree i phone has a poor battery .they say it is good for 500 hundred charges be fore the battery lose power to 70 80% charge after the initional 500 .So they last comfotabely fsor the duration of a two year contract and they cant be changed.Having said that they are a very good phone and packed with great innovations (apps)i have had mine 3 months and i find it great,But i always carry a charger in the car for if i stay overnight in a hotel ,Plus i have a charger cradle in my car ,so im am never far away from a charging point.The news is the next generation is going to be mega 5 mega pixel camera flash and a front camera which will act like a web cam as well and 64 as well
  14. Just left the iPhone for the HTC Desire on T-mobile, 164 notes then £10pcm for 24 months on T-mobile (100 mins, 100 texts, unlimited data) phone costs about £400 siim free, this deal works out at £404 after 2 years plus you get 2 years worth of usage out of it effectively for free.

    iphone was to tied down for me, but if you really aren't great with tech the iphone is the one to go for, the desire is something special though it was nice to finally get my hands on one.

    The iphone is due for an update soon though as it does each summer so you might want to hang on for the iphone 4
  15. That wasn't my point about the battery (which can be changed) and all Li-ion batteries have a natural decay in there performance and the windows phones are no different. The point I was making is that windows phones use up the available power quicker on a day-to-day basis due to the processes that are constantly needed to be run.