Iphone - 3G?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by R an R, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Alright fellas...

    Just wondered if anyone knows if Apple will be releasing a 3G version of the Iphone in the UK or US any time soon?

    Tempted to piss some money away on one, but if a newer version is in the offing I may well be tempted to wait.

    Have tried looking on the net but not having much luck..

  2. From all accounts, they'r a big bag of sh*te. There's a rival phone being released shortly in the UK. Garmin nüvifone

  3. Yea.. spot on.. if u live in Spain.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The current iPhone is 2.5G GPRS and EDGE. Data rates are not great, but with wifi at home its more than good enough. The 3G version is due out, according to an Apple rep, on the 26th of May. 3G data rates are way above most peoples home ADSL these days, 300 kb/s indeed :D

    If you wait for the perfect phone you'll be waiting forever.
  5. eh? you mistake spec sheets for functionality - I am betting there is more 'technology' in a iPhone than there is in the current phone geeks fave the N95.
  6. I've got the 8GB Nokia N95, which is supposed to do all that the iphone does. I must admit though, that although it will surf the web with gay abandon, I'm too bloody tight to pay the online charges. It seems to defeat the object to have phones that can perform brilliantly, but have tariffs that are ridiculously high. I have both a Virgin contract and a Vodafone PAYG and both companies take the wee wee when it comes to charging for t'internet access. The gps is fun though and the radio is the dog's nuts.

    I've also heard it can perform an audio interaction procedure with other similar devices, but I think that's just marketing hype.
  7. Cheers for the replies fellas..
    was looking at the N95 8Gb as well. Think I may well wait then and see whats about in June time, I agree that you will never get the best phone/deal/tariff and the 18 month contract is taking the piss IMHO.. But screw it, it's either that or spend it on the wife.. err no.
  8. N95 is the way forwards.
  9. Or wait for the N96 due out in Aug
  10. The N95 is a fantastic phone. If you can get one the E90 is a really good phone as well....if a wee bit...errr..."big".
  11. I've got an Iphone and it's a handsome looking bit of kit with a good interface.

    SMS is a bit substandard as you can't text contacts out of your address book nor can you send images taken with the camera. The camera isn't as good as most of it's rivals. It also doesn't have a very strong signal - I use the free minutes at home for work and there's been complaints about voice quality from callers that I wasn't getting with my old Sony Ericsson on O2.

    It looks nicer than all the other phones and that's what counts to me, I'm shallow.
  12. That and telefonica own O2 so it will be available in the Uk shortly after Spain, so use that as a guide.
  13. Functionality: Apple's favourite buzzword.
    Functionality like one-button mice and a phone with an mp3 player that requires a wi-fi hotspot for decent d/l speeds.
    Precisely what technology is in the iPhone? LG beat them with touchscreens by almost a year, Samsung beat them with mp3 by 7 years and sod knows how long the Internet has been mobile. GPRS and EDGE were intended as stopgaps to increase consumer demand while UMTS was rolled out. They were not intended to be featured on phones after cheaper to operate UMTS was running.
    Every other company is now looking at 3.5/3.75G and some at 4G, while Apple is planning its first 3G phone :roll:

    Which shows just how poor the 'functionality' of iPhones is. I was MMSing phots 5 years ago.

    All Apple products are for gullible, purple-haired vegans in Che t-shirts that believe they are being unique and anti-consumerist when the truth is exactly the opposite.
    Honestly, you could stick an Apple logo on two cans and a bit of string and people would still buy it, citing its 'functionality' as a reason, and not the 'buy me and you'll look cool' marketing.

    I think I should start an I Hate Apple club.