Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Opening new thread as the G20 death one seems to have played itself out.

    We may be wrong in hoping that IPCC inquiries will get to the nitty gritty of where problems lie. Seems they are also in the current fashion of being under-resourced. Justice delayed is justice denied?
  2. Police Forces, especially the Metropolitan Police Force, have been so politicised that the very existence of the IPCC is largely irrelevant.

    The highest echelons of the Police Forces adhere to the political direction of the government. They do this secure in the knowledge that the said government will 'back them up' - provided of course that they toe the government's political line.

    Bliar through a combination of his incompetence and disinterest, and Brown, through his inept choosing of key personnel (Home Secretary) and his apparent admiration for the methods of Joseph Stalin and the German Gestapo, have ensured that we are now virtually a mirror image of an Eastern European Police State.

    The IPCC is appointed in entirety by the government - how independent is that?

    The IPCC is under funded - as 'Del-Boy' Trotter might have said - "quelle surprise".

    The NHS is underfunded and failing.

    Education is underfunded and failing (Naughty Mr. Bollocks).

    Defence is criminally underfunded - has not failed - yet!

    Transport infrastructure is underfunded - and has failed.

    The Legal System is underfunded - and close to collapse.

    The list of 'failure' is endless.

    In conclusion, the IPCC is about as relevant and influential as a European Soviet Union AUDITOR - id est, no relevance and with no influence.

    Not all bad news though. Some things do grow. I list them below: