Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by easesprings, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Having missed out on IPB on my earlier training but need to get ready for MK 1 and JOTAC has any one got any PPT or Word Docs on IPB

  2. Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace?

    I'll see what I can dig out if that's what you're onabout.
  3. Yea Matelot thats what I'm on about Thanks for your efforts I was Meant to get it on my Asslt Pnr Pl Comd Cse but got Shitcaned :(

    And came out after RMAS
  4. I've got a spare copy of JWP 2-00 if you want me to send you that.

    I've got the CD from the course as well however the one I've got isn't working-leave it with me though but it may be next wkend by the time I sort something out as I'm away on a course at the moment.
  5. Check your PM's!
  6. Check your PMs