IPad2 launched.

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by dingerr, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. No thanks.Mine kept on rebooting,when it felt like it.Often when sending/receiving a call! Blackberry far better IMHO.
  2. Your iPad takes calls?
  3. I was hoping for USB connection but no mention.
  4. Clean your glasses you blind bugger :)
  5. The ipad2 is a third thinner so I don't think it would fit.
  6. So does my missus' iPad. Skype, old chap.
  7. Posters above are correct.It's an iPhone(mk1).I have not purchased an iPad after my experience with the phone!
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    When are the cheaper, better, and pirate software friendly google and other versions coming out?
  9. Saw an iPad2 tonight. Great graphics, twin cameras worked well for video call. Speaker quaility vey good. No USB but has a cord that fits docking port with a USB on the other end. Page turning is like iPhone when brushing the trackpad.

    Also saw a MacAir running OS X Lion. Very nice. Both were my cousin's son's. I could not understand all of the improvements but he loves them. He would not talk about all the details as he did not know what info had been released to the public.
  10. I like the Smart Cover concept and wonder if it'll migrate to the phone and touch? It will however get slagged off a a gimmick no doubt but it does have a certain style about it.
  11. They already are out with new models coming out all the time. The Motorola Xoom is released soon and should be out for around £350 but there are even cheaper models with the same chipset.

    Android Honeycomb is now out and the devs are busy getting ports ready for the other tablets.

    Again I am shocked at the lack of connectivity from the iPad. No USB and no HDMI support, shocking.
  12. Apple are very clever. All Apple hardware connects to other Apple hardware seamlessly, and I assume that they want to keep it that way to promote the purchase of other Apple products.
  13. Still no USB or HDMI, dissappointed to be honest, it looks very nice but the specs are still less than some of the other tablets on the market. I was expecting something a bit more.
  14. you guys are just not getting the apple philosophy. There will never be a USB port, how else do you get folks to pay for the higher prices for the 32 / 64 / 128GB? versions? As expressed on other threads, it is not an accident that apple net about half the profit of the phone/pc sector with only a few percentage points market share. People are happy to pay a premium for a technology that is seemless, does not require you to download patches and other 3rd party software just to get started.

    The very reason it does work is the fact that it does NOT have open architecture and apple in essence 'owns' the rights to refuse software if they think it isn't seemless. If you don't like it or it isn't for you because you like to get 'stuck in' write you own software etc etc, don't buy it. As expressed before, I used to spend a lot of time just maintaining my windows machines, I now have almost completely switched to apple (short of this netbook I am currently using to connect to internet through wifi at work), and honestly, I am not bothered to do all the work when I can pay a premium and apple works for me without me having to spend hours in forums looking for solutions uniquie to my hard- and software configuration.