Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by No_Duff, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Anyone here actually had their hands on an iPad and if so what did you think of it ?
  2. Not handled one (although I've had two offers from friends to pick me one up - but think I'll wait until the release on the 24th). Surprisingly though, all the reviews released so far have been pretty positive.
  3. A waste of time and money on another gimic from Apple, save some money and wait for it's rivals to be released which will not be a locked down piece of hardware unable to view half of the internet and with no support for external devices. Apple, taking the world backwards one step at a time.
  4. having problems with their wifi antennas it seems - quite a large &age keep losing connection
  5. A less biased view from someone rather experienced with computer systems and who doesn't get a free Apple iPad to review (and keep)

  6. I saw one at the local Best Buy Big Box electronics store and I couldn't figure out what the attraction was. When the reviewer said it was a big iPhone with none of the advantages of one (you cannot make a call for example) he hit the nail squarely on the head.
  7. For the average person, I admit this is just an expensive gadget. But for students and academics this is a really useful device. It's got a longer battery life than a netbook, has a much better quality screen, and also runs my everyday word processor (pages). When connected to the external keyboard it probably makes a good laptop replacement.

    It also runs a piece of software called Papers: http://mekentosj.com/papers/ipad/

    But I have an specific use in mind for it: I've got a 13" macbook which I absolutely adore (especially when it's connected to the 24" LED monitor - of which when Apple released it, was half the price of similar specced displays) - except I've always found the screen too small (so I can't do any serious work away from the monitor), and I've even considered upgrading to the 17" model.

    But I think this device will be a pretty elegant solution to keeping the 13" macbook, and using the iPad when I need the extra screen estate to view PDFs and work on a document at the same time; conduct literature searches etc. I also like the idea of being able to annotate PDFs using a stylus (which you can buy from a third party) and keyboard - both of which can be done using apps that are available on the app store. Although I think when I've got light work to do - like simple note-taking, document editing, literature searching, or reading - then I'll probably just use the iPad.
  8. Or you could get a netbook that does more for cheaper? ;) Need to write something with a keyboard? There's an app for that, yeah or you could just use a normal keyboard which is far faster. :)
  9. The iPad is pretty much what I wanted when I heard Apple were releasing a tablet. I don't want a netbook as I already have a macbook. I wouldn't want a tablet running full OS X, as it would have be too expensive for my needs. Whereas I have a lot of use for a large iPod touch. One that I can connect to my existing macbook keyboard when the need arises :)
  10. I'd honestly hold off and wait for the alternatives rather than an extremely locked down piece of hardware. You may as well rent the hardware from Apple they have so many restrictions upon how you can use it.
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    hmmm...'lack of Flash support, lack of multitasking, lack of a removable battery, lack of a camera, lack of standard USB ports, lack of an SD card slot, and any other lack you might want to mention.'

    so it's a big Iphone that you cant make calls on and without lots of useful stuff you might actually need? heres my money...

  12. What?! No SDslot at all?!!!! What a ridiculous omission..

    The only reason to buy IPad it is to be able to read periodicals or ebooks. But.. As I understand its screen is just a common Apple laptop stuff - so it would make your eyes hurt and tired after some time. No comparison with the dedicated Sony electonic paper surface of the eBook reader line - you can use it for hours without exposing yourself to the monitor radiation.
    Very disappointed with the outcome of what could have been a nice tablet.
  13. But none of the alternatives will ever be capable of running an OS X only application called Papers. It's basically iTunes but for scientific journal articles meaning you can read, file, store and even search online for them using a single piece of software.

    So an alternative company could make a tablet as powerful as a NASA supercomputer & give it away for free, and it would be useless to me compared to the iPad :)
  14. I think they've really dropped a bollock with releasing this. The reason the iphone is so popular is because it is a phone, media player and internet surfer in a device you can fit in your pocket. Because it looks nice and works ok people forget that the battery life is lamentable.

    You can buy a 3G netbook for 300 quid with a 7 hour battery life and considerably greater functionality. Or, if you are a beardy mac freak, a 13" macbook pro.

    The ipad isn't robust enough and the battery doesn't last long enough for stock control, use in field surveys or other commercial applications. The only people who will use it for anything other than poncing around on the internet are town councils, whose procurement methods have nothing to do with the bottom line or practicality.

    I really believe that if you buy one of these through your own volition you should be banned from voting, driving or raising children.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've got a netbook but it doesn't really inspire.

    iPads will only ever appeal to those that want something new. I'm far from an Apple fan, I've had a mac and sold it extremely disappointed, for next to bugger all I was that let down.

    Most people only want to access the internet and a few other services, full on connectivity appeals to only a few.

    If I'm working I will use my laptop or desktop, if I'm away for the weekend and just want to check the news and my email I'm sure the iPad is for me.

    I've never quite understood the passions aroused by people who don't want you to use a particular piece of hardware. If the iPad works for you then buy one, I will, if it doesn't then don't.