iPad or Galaxy S, replacement for laptop?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Zarathustra, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all,
    next year I shall going on an all expenses paid MOD holiday and as such I've been toying with the idea of getting a tablet to save on space and weight whilst traveling around. I've narrowed my search down to the iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy S 10.2.

    My main question is, how do these tablets compare to a laptop when it comes to using an office program? This is because I'm planning on continuing my OU studies whilst I'm away. I've looked at some review sites and they seem pretty evenly matched but the reviews I've read haven't really touched on using them for work.

    I'm leaning towards the Galaxy as it has USB connectivity which means I could (in theory) store my movies/porn/photos/ou work on a seperate HDD/flash drive thus saving on memory on the tablet, I also understand that the Galaxy supports flash, which would come in handy for some of the OU online video bits.

    If there's anyone out there who has experience of using either of these tablets for word processing and a lesser extent watching movies I would greatly appreciate some help in making my mind up.

    * I'll most likely be getting an Otterbox Defender case for what ever tablet I decide on but if anyone has a recommendation for a good rugged case then feel free to chip in.
  2. For your purposes, I'd have thought a decent ultraportable laptop would be best solution. I have a few iPad fan-boys/girls on my OU course, but i did notice that all of them bottled out and switched to a laptop one we had to sit down and do some proper work at the residential school.

    I'm in a similar position to you, but will probably buy am ultraportable to work on , and the new Samsung Galaxy Note for comms and limited officework on the move (the Note is a mobile with a 5.3" screen and - of great usefulness in working with office packages - a stylus).
  3. Most Androids come with Polaris Office or Quick Office Pro which supports the MS Office formats quite well. I'd definately take a Galaxy Tab 10.1 over the IPad, I believe it has Quick Office Pro HD pre installed. If I was doing some heavy duty dissertations or the like though, maybe a keyboard dock would be useful or a bluetooth keyboard.

    I've been looking at the Sony S1 as well as it's wedge shape looks like it will be a bit easier to type on without a keyboard. As I'm a lazy git I also like the built in Infra Red malarky that allows you to control your Sky box, t.v etc.
  4. crowbag,

    i find the ipad OK for a bit of casual surfing and short-term travel and good for the purpose built apps (I really like online time when overseas) but that's about it. I struggle to do anything meaningful or constructive on it. It may be better with a keyboard
  5. Thanks guys. I had thought of a small laptop but, it loos like I'll be paying more for one of them than I would for either an iPad or Galaxy and I couldn't really justify another laptop, as I already have a fairly decent Sony Vaio as it is. While the smaller screen of a tablet might make it more difficult to do things like research on the web and write an assignment simultaneously I think/hope that a stand/dock and external keyboard would make a tablet more useable.

    The Sony S1 looks interesting.
  6. AAGF


    The Sony does look good! I've been using a Toshiba Thrive (Android Honeycomb 3.1) for a few months and it works very well in place of a laptop - BUT - if you're doing any form of serious data entry, you will need a dock/keyboard, which I think is typical of most tablets/pads. I love the Thrive ...
  7. I was just reading the the Sony S1 is to be rename to the Sony Tablet S for the U.K market. It might also be worth noting that it has S.D card support for that extra space.
  8. I had anticipated the need for a dock and keyboard, on this front the Galaxy beats the iPad as Apple want £48 for a wireless keyboard where for £25 you can get a usb adaptor for the Galaxy and then plug any keyboard you want in.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    My son has an Asus EP121, and it is thoroughly amazing. It's a real PC - not a Mac - and bloody fast, with a fine screen and excellent graphics card. It will run any programme thrown at is, and is light and has good battery life.

    And the best thing, the very best thing about it? It's not a bloody Macintosh product, and therefore it is compatable with other computers, and third party add-ons.
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  10. to be fair, i switched to mac last year, never had any compatibility issues, less my 5yr old printer...i find using PC a painful experience now. my mac gets hammered 10+ hrs a day, has been smashed around the world and has yet to cough.

    i still run a PC for my printer, it crashes, locks, freezes or is constant 'update' mode...it drives me insane!
  11. Controversial, but I think Apples days could be numbered on the mobile device market. I predict the next 12 months will see Samsung taking a massive chunk of the market.

    They have an excellent phone out at present in the Galaxy SII and a fantastic tablet. They are also about to relase the Galaxy note with its huge 5.3" screen and the Galaxy SIII is not too far in the distance with its quad core processor and NFC chip. Meanwhile the next IPhone will not even meet the current specs of the SII.

    With screens getting bigger and bigger, Apple will also have major problems as they are tied in to many contracts with distributors who provide docking stations and other accessories which limit screen size.
  12. Don't go for a tablet, unless you are going to use a keyboard, in which case you have made a laptop and equalled its weight.

    Get a large screen phone 4" ish (Galaxy SII or some such) for reading on the move and an ultraportable for working with a keyboard. I use the Acer 1830T imported from the US (set to UK keyboard and only 2 keys are different). Intel i5 processor kicks the tablets ass, along with a 500GB hard drive, 11" screen and weighs roughly a Kilo. The phone and laptop connect wirelessly allowing you to use your network for internet and transfer of files can be wireless.

    Its the way ahead!!!
  13. Personally I would throw the Asus EePad into the mix.... I bought one a week ago after mulling over the pros and cons of the main tablets out there. I decided it had to be Android based as I just dont like the Apple/i stuff at all.

    It was initially a rank outsider - but the Asus Eepad Transformer with its attachable keypad and the ability to run for up to 16 hours with no charge ended up being the winner. Have been tinkering with it for a week now and it is an amazing bit of kit - I have been using my laptop less and less for general browsing, and even some work use.

    The tablet part is well made, fast, clear bright - everything I could want... and when I add the keyboard dock it has USB ports, SD card slots etc and is easily as functional as a laptop.
  14. The phone is a none starter as you're not allowed to take them to theater.

    And I've already got a laptop, so I can't see a point in buying another, where as a tablet has a lot more uses, such as when commuting in the uk
  15. Er, why not just take your old laptop and, if it ends up a bit tatty because of the environment, buy all the nice new iPad bling when you get back? (By then, of course, you'll have Iphone5 and iPad3 in the shops, and a whole new generation of other kit to choose from)