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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by polar69, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. The wife ( bless her ) has decided she'd rather like an ipad for Christmas.

    Now I like shiny tech as much as the next geek but I've not been hearing good things about them.

    In fact, Ive heard that there are better priced and better specc'd alternatives out there, words like Google and Android have been bandied around.

    Do any arrsers have an opinion on the subject ?
  2. I have an Ipad, and I think it's great. Good battery life, good for browsing etc. If you have an iphone then you'll know what it's like.

    Some good apps available.

    I toyed with the other options out there but realised that I already use iTunes etc so went with the Ipad. I've never actually played with the others available out there so can't really compare. My brother swears by android, and we agree to disagree on that one.

    How bone is your missus? The iPad really is plug and play. A 1st class moon-head can use one.
  3. I got lashed the other night, and downloaded the "Star Walk" app, after a discussion on how good it really was (the one on the iPad advert showing the stars in the sky at night) and I have to say......it's amazing!
  4. I got Mrs. Viceroy an iPad for her birthday, we already have netbooks and all the other lot of hardware. She uses it every evening in bed and I have not seen much action ever since the day that device arrived... The kids use it during the day and the fact that there is a device that toddlers can use before they can read and write is amazing. The apps are great, I do not use itunes on the ipad but the display is amazing and while it overprized it is also unique and amazingly ergonomic. If you have kids, it is a no-brainer, it has to be an apple. However, make sure you stock up on porn (download is more like it these days), and maker sure you have firm rules of what goes and what goes not in the bedroom!
  5. There are also great iPad forums where you can chat to ladies with their own iPads. Recently I've been chatting up this married bird. She's proper dirty. She's in bed being filthy, and her fella is downstairs doing something else. Quality ;)
  6. I haver an iPad and looked at the opposition first, no contest, It's all that previous posters have said and more, at the rate they are going Apple is going to rule the world.
  7. His Mrs doesn't want a phone though......
  8. I've got an iPad which I've had for about a week.

    It's amazing - I've installed a beta version of next IOS (MacGeek let you register as a beta tester for $5 dollars and then you can download Apple Beta software) and it's pretty much perfect now it has multitasking. I've hardly used my macbook since I bought it, and I'm using it for work-related stuff during the day (for example, I'm having to read lots of academic journals presently), and then watching movies/playing boardgames etc, with the other half at night. The screen is just fantastic as well, & the battery lasts for ages.

    I'm hardly using my macbook (although I can use the iPad as a second duel-screen with it) and in fact having just been bought a 27" iMac by my supervisor, I'm thinking of selling the macbook when it arrives, and just relying on the iPad with a wireless keyboard when outside of the office (this is viable because my office is only a ten minute walk from my house)/possibly setting up a VPN on the iPad to access the iMac from home.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I have one and love it. I've not tried alternatives as there isn't really any out there yet. So long as you recognise it's not a full blown laptop or net book but realise it's a way to be connected anywhere while having some pc type functionality you will enjoyn it.

    I use it for checking emails, news and general browsing. Occasionally doing some word and excel editing and as a media player it's second to none out there so far.
  10. "The Next 10 inch display panel is a resistive not capacitive touch-screen, so no multi-touch, the device does offer 1,024 x 600 resolution. The downside to this tablet pc has to be the poor battery life of over 3 hours,"

    I'm not sure? Looks like it's a bit pants. The advantage of the iPad is that it will play films/music/t'internet for 10 hours. That's great if you travel on planes etc a lot. The iPad is a lot more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. But at the end of the day, it's your cash.
  11. Just visited my Uncle Matt in a rehab hospital as he broke his shoulder at age 86. (He's former USN, '47 USNA grad). He previously used his iPhone a lot but he really loves his new iPad that one of his daughters bought him. He has downloaded some useful apps already, has downloaded books to read, surfs the web and with limited mobility and only one usable hand right now still can use the thing well. He used to use a Kindle to read but gets much more out of the iPad. After seeing Uncle Matt with his iPad I want one.

    (I also hope at 86 I am as alert as he is. Actually, I hope I am on the right side of the grass at 86)

    Edit: I just noticed that the word iPad is linking to Amazon. I assure you I am not a spammer for Apple or Amazon. This is some this ARRSE is doing automatically to posts. I hope Amazon and Apple are paying ARRSE millions for this automatic spamming.
  12. She's already got one :p