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Anyone know any companies that sells Ipads on BFPO and therefore VAT free? I know everyone says Amazon but they dont sell them directly just via thirdparties that dont off BFPO.

When I wanted on way back in 2009 they would only send it to the registered Address in the UK.

I think Amazon also will only send any Apple Kit to the UK and not a BFPO.

I was looking for the same reason to cut a little VAT off the price but couldn't find anyone to do it.
Micro Anvika will do tax-free sales to BFPO including Op Herrick, but they want a letter from your unit confirming entitlement, and they charge £25 delivery (they tell me this is because they take the package to Northolt themselves as so many packages have otherwise vanished).

Expansys used to be very good on BFPO sales, but I haven't ordered from them for a while.

Apple do military sales for the US forces, with discounts and APO delivery; shame their European office doesn't offer a similar service for us.
A mate of mine was trying to get an iPhone sent out to a BFPO address from Amazon UK, they fucked him off as apparently it's their policy not to send anything electronic worth over £200 to BFPO.
Don't buy an Ishite. The NAAFI sell a Galaxy Tab and if you really want an Ishite IPAD, the yank PX sells them a lot cheaper then if you get one sent.
With the VAT taken off, having one shipped here works out the same as buying one from the PX. But it will be a British model with the right plug etc.

That said, I cant find any businesses in the UK that will ship an iPad here!
Does anyone know anything about customs/import taxes for Bastion? I'm looking at the cheapest method for getting a tablet (Nexus 7) sent out there. Getting it sent to BFPO from Amazon and then reclaiming VAT saves a fair bit, but this is still more than the cost of them on US websites.

If I buy one from a US website and get it shipped to the Bastion BFPO, will I have to pay customs charges? Alternatively is it possible to ship it to the APO, will it actually get to me as a Brit, and will the US posties over there try and charge import duties?!

Thanks in advance!

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