iPad in Afghan

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Reme_Armr, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    had a quick search but couldn't really find what I was looking for.
    I'm off on H15 this autumn and am starting to think about what I'm going to take. Took my laptop on Telic but living conditions is very different in Basra Palace to a Fob in Helmand.
    Apart from the obvious pros and cons ie size/weight and battery life can anyone tell me their experiences of having an iPad in afghan?
    I was on a PDT Ex the other week and had a couple of guys come and chat to us that had just got back from H12. One of them mentioned that they couldn't use their iPhone's (I know, I know phones not allowed) or iPod touches on the wifi at Bastion so a laptop was needed.
    Is this also true of an iPad. Don't want to get there an find I can't use it online.
    Finally if I do decide to go for one what are the deals like out there? PX or Efi wise? Am I better off getting a tax free one to my German BFPO before I go?

    I welcome all useful comments and all un-useful banter about how I should just be concentrating on work/get a life/something about my mum/etc
  2. nothing electrical/electronic is cheap out here pal, in my opinion anyway
  3. Cheers knocker
  4. a laptop or iPad will be just fine out there, I've just come back of H13 and had a laptop with me in a PB no problems. Personally I would say buy one before coming out, though I knew of a couple of lads who bought them while out there with mixed results; one arrived with a rather nice smashed screen courtesy of crab air but then other managed to get them there no problems and got them tax free.
    I did see lads in Bastion using iPhones on the bastion wifi, though do so at your own risk
  5. Thanks Acid. Was the benefit of buying them out there just because they got them tax free? As I'm based in Germany I can do that before I go. Or were they on for a good price at a px/Efi?
    How was your laptop in a PB then? A few people I know said theirs got so full of dust and shite it became hard to use the keyboard.
    Whilst on the subject, got any other little recommendations of kit to take? I'm not a complete crow but have never done a Herrick yet.
    Right/Wrong unit at the right/wrong time you could say.
  6. I would buy before you come out. Don't know about Bastion, but in KAF the PX sells laptops, but the pricing is not that good and choice is limited, you can't buy anything in the EFI. As for dust, well yes your laptop will get dusty, but all it takes is a good blow out using compressed air or an air compressor. I have had my laptop out here for a couple of years and the only ill effect has been the cpu fan struggling as its getting a bit clogged with sand and it now needs replacing.....oh and fecking loadies bent it after they put my bag on top of everyone's bags on a pallet and then threw a loading strap over it and tightened it......feckers.
  7. For someone in the UK normally it would be a benefit, perhaps not so much with you. But as with Cabana, I would say personally get it before you come out as then you can atleast pre-load it with films etc before hand. I saw a couple of netbooks in the bastion PX but I didn't see anything overly good for money.
    A simple brush and compressed air can (ask the CQ for them through the system) and storing in a bag/case when not in use and you're laptop will be fine. I'll agree about some overzealous loadies though, be wary - pack well if you are going to put it in your daysack/gorilla box and dont even consider putting it in your bergan or grip - just not worth it.