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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Reme_Armr, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    had a quick search but couldn't really find what I was looking for.
    I'm off on H15 this autumn and am starting to think about what I'm going to take. Took my laptop on Telic but living conditions is very different in Basra Palace to a Fob in Helmand.
    Apart from the obvious pros and cons ie size/weight and battery life can anyone tell me their experiences of having an iPad in afghan?
    I was on a PDT Ex the other week and had a couple of guys come and chat to us that had just got back from H12. One of them mentioned that they couldn't use their iPhone's (I know, I know phones not allowed) or iPod touches on the wifi at Bastion so a laptop was needed.
    Is this also true of an iPad. Don't want to get there an find I can't use it online.
    Finally if I do decide to go for one what are the deals like out there? PX or Efi wise? Am I better off getting a tax free one to my German BFPO before I go?

    I welcome all useful comments and all un-useful banter about how I should just be concentrating on work/get a life/something about my mum/etc
  2. I had an Ipad with me and it worked fine with the WIFI at places like Bastion and KAF.

    I bloody love my Ipad and it still looks mint even after a tour.
  3. Was that a recent tour that it worked on the wifi?
  4. Think about what you've just asked...
  5. Roger B_B see what you're getting at. Can't remember exactly when they were released but surely they've been out since H11 maybe H10? The guy I was chatting to said the wifi problem was a new problem on H12 (I realise he could be talking complete bollocks but as a Tech AQMS he probably knows what he's on about in Geek World)
  6. I haven't succumbed to the iPad bug yet, myself, but I was out there last month people on the team had iPads working in both KAF and BAS. There are some issues with proxy settings and the wee Paradigm booklet from RSOI doesn't give you "monkey see, monkey do" for configuring your iPad - but it's clearly not impossible.

    Disclaimer - our iPadders were extreme techie geeks - if you're at the "get a bigger hammer" or "where's my fountain pen" stages of technophobia, you may have more issues.

    PS - WiFi at Minhad has gone, there are only the half-dozen wired computers now.

    Edited to add - the OC got his iPod touch on the wi-fi too.
  7. I'm sat in a tent on Bastion Camp 607. There's a guy opposite me using an iPad. Seems to work ok for him.
  8. Cheers iron rations. That kind of settles that then hey!
  9. From the guys out here who use them, just make sure you have a case for it. The only real problem they have is keeping the crap off them!
  10. Erk, what? The OP is talking about private kit, not any (of course not, nobody would be buying iPads on a MoD contract at the moment because we all know the MoD is broke) official iPads. :muhaha:

    Although GCHQ did release a security doc about various mobile operating systems yesterday. And sent it to a bunch of journos. :D
  11. Case - protective, carrying, for the use of.
  12. I can get you the PX prices from Kandahar in the next day or so, I'm based out here with Dyncorp but I would imagine that it's going to be cheaper getting it from the PX rather than EFI, especially if they base there mark ups on the US retail price.

    You might want to look at the Samsung Tab as an alternative, I've seen a few guys around me with them and they seem to be handling the conditions pretty well.
  13. EFI only sell shit you don't need here. Anyone for aftershave?
  14. All the F&C troops. They ****ing stink.
  15. Are they still doing the plasma tellies as well?