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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by gunnerfalkey, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Hyporthetically speaking, If someone had sent an anonomous email that was supposedly defamatory could they obtain a court order to locate the sender through their IP address?

    And if the statements made within the said email were ones that were true, and the ones that were not were stated as "I believe" "my feelings are" then surely that does not amount to a statement of supposed fact? Therefore such a sender could not be liable...

    I believe the cost of such proceedings would be extreme in any case, and certainly not one in which the person involved could afford, i believe it to be an idle threat.

    I have Issued a retraction and apology anyway so....
  2. Maybe you should think before sending possible defamatory emails?

    Or simply say it to the persons face and man up?
  3. Yes you can be traced through your IP address.

    Have you been sending "Dear c0ck-face" emails?
  4. No email is anonymous. In the header various pieces of information exist, including the IP address of the mail server that the email originated from.

    If you're describing anonymous as a hotmail or yahoo account, they keep various logs of who logged in where and when and from what IP address. All logs can be made available in the event of criminal or civil court proceedings as could a request for the computer of the individual who it is suggested sent the email

    Hotmail especially dumps alot of it's web page on the computer that is used to login to the account.

    In other words, if it was you sending the email there are ways and means that could lead to the apology becoming financial!!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Basically, you're fcuked.

    Hope this helps . . . . . c0ck face! :twisted:
  6. there are many computer programs and service providers out on the market which could be used to trace IP addresses.

    If they wanted to go to court they need to have lots of money and prove also it was you even though it came from your machine.

    But in light of what you have said, this looks like an open and shut case. also supposedly defamatory could be a grey area as its possible the people who received this information may already know about this.

    sorry was only building your hopes. Panic for a few days, prepare to top yourself, and then you will find you've worried about nowt, but learned a valuable lesson dont get caught
  7. Biped, you're obviously 'here to help'!

  8. There are numerous ways to make it difficult to trace an email back to an individual. There are however no means to make it impossible. If you want to send abusive emails and not be caught one way is via an internet cafe and a disposable email address, such as a hotmail one. Even then if the effort was put in (cctv etc) you could still be caught. Bottom line, don't send an email you are unwilling to be held accountable for.
  9. Laptop with wireless card - wander around any big city until you can connect to someones unsecured wireless network - Create temp email account with any one of hundreds of providers - send c0ckface e-mail and then log off and go home.

    Chances of getting caught = as close to nil as possible, you could disguse your self and then throw the laptop in the nearest river to make it 100% certain.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Quite simple - while walkimng by an unattended PC/laptop, jump on and send as many derogatory e-mails on their account as you can before they come back.

    Points to note: Do not leave your PC/laptop unattended and unlocked! Do not get caught!!
  11. Well I'm going to ask it.........
    Come on tell us what you said and to whom, better still post the email here.
  12. Try using somethig ike www.hush.com for a start.....

    I used to have a untracable IP address before I moved down coutry, it was a radio linked conection with constantly shifting IP address. Not entirely sure how it worked but it had a random IP adress asigned every time you logged onto the net.
  13. Yes but then they will have to find the laptop with that mac address. Which is you were logged on from outside the building is pretty much nigh on impossible, unless you go and do it again from the same place of course.

    Unlessssss (tin foil hat firmly on) the government has a list of every MAC address every issued?

    Now you have got me thinking, I know that each mac address has a vendor code, so that means you could trace the people who made the card, which means they could tell you which shop it went to, the shop will most probably have a list of who bought which laptop = they can come and kick your door down at midnight and drag you away..

    Fcuk! Will have to buy one for cash from a dodgy looking bloke in a pub, whilst wearing a burka and then throw it away..

    All that just to call someone a c0ckface? :lol:
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, I thought to myself, if calling someone a c0ckface in an email can get you in trouble, simply do it on an anonymous forum . . . . . .

    . . . . . and then I realised that I'm not anonymous anymore and have to behave myself :x
  15. infact just send a REAL letter from another town, cutting out and using the text from magazines and newspapers.
    Dont forget to use gloves and non traceable prick stick and leave no DNA behind

    there you go no chance of been tracked. It doesnt matter what anyone says on here, if your not a seasoned hacker you can get and most likely will get caught.