IP Hiding WTF is it & how does it work?

Greetings all,

I've had a couple of queries recently about 'IP Hiding', so I thought I'd post my most recent response here (should we have a seperate Geek board?) to enlighten those who are too shy to ask :D

'IP Hiding' is otherwise known as using an anonymous proxy.
The way it works is this....
I would set up a computer somewhere with the relevant software.
When you connect to the internet & visit (for example) ARRSE, instead of your computer asking the ARRSE server for the web page, your computer would ask my computer for the web page, my computer would then ask the ARRSE server, & when it get's the page it would give it to your computer.
This all happens without you noticing. As far as the ARRSE server is concerned, you (or more accurately your IP address) doesn't exist, all it has seen is the IP address of my computer.
If you want to have a try, I've set up a (limited functionality) demo here.
Have a look at http://www.disking.co.uk At the bottom of the page it will tell you what your current IP Address is, you'll see that when you 'proxy' through my server it will be & when you look at it normally it will be your 'real' IP address.
These things aren't infallible though. Have a look at http://www.whatismyip.com & even through my proxy it will (probably) get your 'real' IP address.
There are thousands of these proxies kicking around the web, & you can get some very clever software that will transparently switch to another one every time you click on a link, so in a typical browsing session, you could use literally hundreds of different IP addresses.
There is always a down side though, surfing the web through a proxy is always slower than without. It costs whoever owns the proxy money to run it (the cost of the server & the cost of the data transfer/bandwidth).
You may ask, therefore why are there so many 'free' ones available. The answer is simple, when you use my proxy, it's possible (although I don't) for me to log everything you do, every thing you look at, everything you click & everything you type (including passwords etc.), so be wary.

N.B. I may take the above mentioned Proxy down if it generates too much server load or traffic.



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