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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 1_reeper, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. When i visit some sites and forums my IP address and service provider are displayed. what worries me is if they can find out this what else can they find out. i.e. bank details , email etc ? is there anyway way to hide this info through any free ware utility's ?
  2. IP information is public because web servers need to know where to send the answer to your question. ISP information is tied to IP, so if you've got the IP you probably also know the ISP. Knowing this information doesn't give access to any of your personal data.

    If you want to hide your IP (what kind of porn are you into?) then there are several options. Start by googling 'anonymous web browsing'.

  3. No filth involved. well not the illegal kind anyway :oops: shall fire up the mighty google and have a look. Thanks
  4. The new browser from Google, Google Chrome has an anonymous surfing option built into it aka 'Porn Mode'!!
  5. So does the new version of IE (The beta version).
  6. I'm very happy with firefox must be an option some where on the net ?
  7. the thing that is often found in signature strips in forums is basically a sort of "mirror" no-one else actually sees your details...even the person hosting it.

    Your computer has to send out signals anyway as you connect to the net...its a bit like a phone conversation with your PC saying "here I am"....its perfectly harmless, its not to do with the stuff stored on your hard-drive.
  8. Is this what you're after?
  9. As previous posters have said you can hide it.

    However, when these sites come back with some info about you, if you are using a normal connection, they can really only go down to the server nearest to you (basically, before it goes down the line to your home)

    So when these sites come back and give you your home town, it is spooky, but they're only working on an approximation.

    To get an idea of what these sites can learn about you, and it ain't very much, try this

    and click where it says 'to get a demo for your ip address'

    and either the server will be near you or quite a distance away, which
    may explain why some sites offer you girlfriends in your town or somewhere miles away that you've hardly heard of; :lol:
  10. Thanks for that . i will give it a whirl
  11. Then how is it plod catches paedo's if your ip address doesn't give any real info? Apologies for being a techno mong and i'm not looking for tips honest!
  12. Through long and intensive investigations usually! All an IP address does is give a general pointer in the direction of the possible offenders location via the ISP. Real evidence comes through painstaking forensic examination of the suspects IT equipment.
  13. Surely your isp will have logs of who and when used their ip's?

    With a court order maybe they will be given to the police?

    Its not rocket science.
  14. That's exactly what happens. Take the weekend off ;)