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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by LeBuzzer, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Is it possible for my IP address to be worked out by a non administrator on this site?
    I don't think it is without hacking this site but a LCpl & Cpl in my unit reckons they can do it.
  2. hello scouse soldier
  3. Well, I wasn't the only one thinking it.
  4. but all his spelling looks fine!
  5. I'm not a scouse, I 'm more refinded
  6. Good point. As far as I know, it's not readily availble to find out someone's IP if they are not admin. That's not to say it's totally impossible, but I am pretty sure the person would have to have some direct access to admin tools via this website or something.
  7. Its easy to hack anyones IP address if you know what you are doing. Not easily done if you don't however.
  8. Ask the LCpl/Cpl and see what happens ...

    to be continued
  9. He's on about obtaining the IP of a member of this forum.
  10. The site logs will record your IP when you log in/post for security reasons, its also a good lead towards outing trolls on the site.

    Without the admin privilage, the logs are not visible to non-admin/MODS on the site. So sitting at home and viewing the site, posters IP information isnt readily available to you. Without acting outside the law, or having software hacked onto the arrse server to feed the information to you, users IP information isnt fed out to your computer, so will be unavailable.

    One thing not to confuse is the signature blocks, and to take our esteemed forum moderator IS Ski Geek's signature as an example. These show a cartoon of your IP address, browser information and ISP. These signatures contain script that is ran locally on your machine, and dont feed this information out. If 1000 people on the site are viewing a message by IS Ski Geek (unlikely i know), they will be looking at 1000 different sets of information.

    The Lance Jack and Full Screw in your unit are probably big timing it, i have serious doubts that you could achieve it and act within the law. If i'm wrong, i'm sure a bigger cone head than me will correct me.
  11. Let me say that despite all I've learnt whilst writing my own on-line shop... I am as far from being a "cone head" as Mr Whippy's arch enemy Solero.

    I can say though that every time anyone opens my site (and this is the same for any site) your IP address is noted in the statistics software provided by the web host.

    ... so if you can get someone to log onto your own personal site... you can find out his IP address. This could be used to bluff...

    However, you'd have to get into the ARRSE admin software to link an IP to a post.... which is easy enough to do if you look for the password in a MODs top drawer or hold him down in a puddle until he squeels. Hacking in, takes far more time and is no where near as elegant as the aforementioned methods.
  12. Thats what I thought, they give me the impression they are script kiddies. I think its mainly bluffing, but they seem to think this site is run by the establishment.
  13. So if you post a pic (from your own site) on this forum, you'll get IP's logged on your own site when the pic is downloaded. You won't know exactly which IP it is (and referer URL) but you'll have narrowed it down.
  14. where as I am a scouse

    am I unrefined

    that would make my job difficult :rage:
  15. & if you use a unique image in a PM to the offending party, then you'll have his IP address exactly - this is the way I normally do it. If you reference an image that doesn't exist, you'll then find the entry in your 404s which is easier to sift through...