Hi all, I’m reasonably new to all this forum chat, but I have decided I would like to attempt to obtain a commission with the RAF Regiment, and if you current forum users would be so kind to answer some questions I have regarding the process, it would be much appreciated.

I know this is a Army forum, but I have had very little feedback from 'e-goat' the RAF forum, and I guessed there will be a few RAF Regiment guys on this forum, and people who just have a greater deal of generic military knowledge than myself!

1) Is there still one JROC course per year?
2) What happens if there is a gap between IOT and JROC ? as in my understanding you are a commissioned officer but do not have any trade training, and thus a kind of a ‘blank’ officer.
3) If I pass IOT but then fail JROC due to injury or not being of the required standard, what happens to you? Do you get a chance to choose another trade? Or resign your commission and re-enter the civilian world?
4) How arduous is JROC compared that of 1) Line Infantry Platoon Commanders Battle Course 2) Royal Marines YO course
5) Is there an accelerated promotion structure if you have a degree?
6) Is there a further accelerated promotion structure if you have a Masters Degree?
7) What is the minimum commitment service time?
8) Is being 28 years old (probably around 30 if I get through IOT and JROC) a disadvantage with regards to promotion?

Thanks for your help and time