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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by parasigs, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Been looking at this course online with a company called solutions for business.(24 hrs online course.)

    So, is this a respected course? Not sure if I want to move into health and safety as a career but Im thinking it would be good to have on the cv. Also if I did decide to would this be a starting point in the industry?

    Cheers guys
  2. IOSH is the institution, you'd want to do the NEBOSH Certificate to get the qualification, i'd say you're best to do it day release at the nearest college, you'd learn more that way and take more of an interest.

    NEBOSH will open doors to Health and Safety, but it's not exactly a career you'd want to carve out, as everyone hates the H&S man. It could be good to have as part of other safety jobs, such as Safety Engineering or the likes, where you could look into the safety of vehicles, aircraft, machinery, etc which is a bit more interesting.
  3. I did IOSH Managing Safely last year. It won't get you employed on it's own but will give you a taste of the exciting world of H&S. As you say it's another qual on the CV that will help employers make a choice between you and the other guy who has no H&S training.
    Wish I'd done the full NEBOSH instead though...
  4. NEBOSH is a minimum...but it can take a while.......

    Realistic path is something like:

    NEBOSH General cert...One year with a 2 part final exam. This will get you a foot on the ladder, in theory, you need to show experience in a H&S role to be in with a chance. (I know catch 22)

    Than you can do the NEBOSH Diploma. this takes 2 years with practical examples to ward your finals.

    From here you can add to it and become a fellow member of NEBOSH etc,etc.

    The pay is coming down( :cry: too many people jumping on the wagon)and you wont make many friends but it's interesting work.


    Now show me your risk assesment/permit to work/meathod statment ETC,ETC...... :wink:
  5. My resettlement course, November 1994, was 'Safety Management'. This was a four week course at the Business Centre, Plymouth College of Further Education. It culminated with taking the NEBOSH General Certificate exams, and completing a project which, after successful completion, also carried the Diploma in Supervisory Management. Two very useful qualifications, and Associate membership of IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)

    On my retirement in January 1995, I applied for a large number of safety related jobs, while carrying out casual work labouring, security and the like. I eventually got a break with a mechanical engineering company who had a maintenance contract at Fawley Refinery. Following on, the company paid for me to complete the NEBOSH Construction Certificate at Portsmouth University, and in 1997 I qualified with the NEBOSH Diploma, which gave me full membership of IOSH.

    After receiving an offer I couldn't refuse, I moved to Dubai, UAE in 1998. Since then I've worked two projects in Dubai, two in Abu Dhabi, one in Malaysia and am currently working on a large petrochemical construction in Saudi Arabia.

    A couple of comments picked up from the previous posts. About salaries? It depends which industry you work in. The hospitality sector pay is crap, as is local authority work, but get into heavy industries such as mining, power generation and oil/gas, particularly offshore, and you're laughing...well I am!!!

    About not being liked or respected. I haven't found that. I have a responsibility for management, training, administration, discipline and welfare. Sound familiar? Yup, it's an NCO's/WO's job! The task is carried out much the same as I carried it out as a full screw, Sgt, SSgt and CSM. Firm but fair, humour, pragmatism and above all, honesty.

    There are a large number of ex Forces blokes who have taken this as a second career, and by and large they do far better than civvies coming straight into 'Elf n Safety', as former servicemen tend to be far more realistic, hands on and pragmatic and not adopting the 'nanny' approach, which is appreciated by both the employer and the workforce.

    The 'Managing Safely' ticket isn't a qualification in itself, it is part of an overall insight into the obligations of management with regards to legislative requirements for occupational health and safety.

    My military background was eleven years as an Infantryman, then transferred to REME on the RD Roll for the last eleven years.
  6. visit these guys

    I have done 2 NEBOSH courses with them, they are very good. I would recommend
  7. Completely agree with your post, IOSH managing safely is not a course that will help you to become a H&S guru, try NEBOSH for that, however it is seen as a requirement in many engineering construction industries for supervisors, in fact ECITB and CITB include it as part of their supervisory training courses.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    As The_Hat said it can be an interesting job and as in most cases you will find both jobsworths and those who have a clue.

    I've worked in vehicle and explosives trials for the last 8 years and the best H&S people are the ex-military who have a clue about what I want to do, the worst are those that see 'explosive', 'ammunition' or 'laser' and immedeatly stick your request in the big RED box as way to complicated/dangerous.

    On the course, my wife did the IOSH managing safely course as she was about to set herself up as a consultant and thought she should have some basic grounding in H&S (not the area she was consulting in). But if you want to go the whole hog then NEBOSH is the way to go.

    The other option as has been suggested is a Safety Engineer role, I'm not quite sure what qualifications you would need to step into the role directly, but NEBOSH would probably be a starting point, then get your head round Def Stan 00-56 if you feel like topping yourself.

  9. Hi thought i would let you know my background, 10 years in the Engineers, left 8 years ago. Completed my NEBOSH Gen cert & Mgt Dip for ressetlement ( blagged on to a seniors course ). managed to walk into a job as safety advisor building power stations. left after 3 years to work as a safety manager for an explosive demolition company. lasted 5 years and now have my own safety consultancy employing 4 people ( 3 ex forces ) The IOSH course is good for a CV but to get on the ladder you need the NEBOSH.

    I allways say if i can do it, anyone with the same determination can ! H & S is the best occupation ever ! And no, not everyone hates the H & S person !