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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Boxy, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Just got far don't like it, it's a huge change from what it was, I hope it will grow on me
  2. No idea how that works. It's lit up like a fruit machine and I can't see how to reply to posts.
    The pointing finger with icons would be great but I don't know what the icons mean.
    Baffled and using Tapatalk.
  3. Have to agree with Jarrod, the icons are not easily understood. Perhaps we need a sticky in the arrse site web forum to explain such things for both the Ios app and the google app to avoid having to search for the info. Just a thought.
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  4. Finding my way around it.....slowly, J, top right when in a thread the speech bubble = reply....

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  5. Have to agree: ;-)

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  6. Right, that wasn't there earlier.

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  7. As above, slowly stumbling around & guess I will get used to it.

    Main gripe thus far is lack of definition between individual posts. They almost merge together making it hard to tell one response from the next.

    Oh. And that the stickies are one the page instead of a tab.

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  8. To quote, first select a post before tapping on the speech bubble icon. Selecting multi-quote from the pop-up icons though doesn't seem to work.

  9. Has anyone figured out how to edit posts?
  10. Click on the little pencil icon that appears from the bar that slides out from the right near the bottom mate. It's become like learning a Masonic handshake.....

    Edit to add, click on the relevant post first of course ;)
  11. Seen.

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  12. Anyone else suffering from random iOS app crashes over the last few days? Seem to be getting kicked off a lot at the moment and having to come back in.

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  13. Yep, it's crashing more than Stevie wonder on a stolen moped for me too.
    It asked and I allowed it to send a crash report email but it hasn't asked again since it started crashing.
    iOS 4.3.1 on A 4s
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  14. Also very slow
  15. I kept getting hoofed off my 4s (but not IPad) the last few days and sent a crash report each time on logging back in. A Tapatalk guy emailed and said they'd reproduced the problem and it'd be sorted in the next update.

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