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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by cherryviper, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Officially rolled out from Apple giving the iphone 5 better LTE coverage and fixing a few minor bugs. Jailbreakers look to release an untethered Jailbreak by the end of the weekend for 6.1 finally freeing the 5 and ipad 4 and mini from the restrictions Apple place on them.
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    Using the taps talk app seems ok
  4. I' quite pleased with the 2 I got. Works fine and is simple enough for even the missus to understand. Tried an HTC and had nothing but hassle with it, refused to sync with Outlook.
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    Upgraded yesterday, signal has improved!!!
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  6. 6.1.1 was released to stop some of the 4S problems although there appears to be an issue with people being able to bypass your passlock system and enter your phone/data ;-( 6.1.2 is expected to be released this week
  7. Got the update and jailbreak around 0300 hrs this morning as I was up due to work (*****)
  8. What's getting on my tits is all the iCloud music showing on my 4s all I want showing is the music I actually have on my phone and not in the I can play music without having to connect to the net....

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