Involuntary Separation?

Anyone out there that can clear something up for me pls?

Both my husband and I are serving, I am green he is light blue.

I am based as the 1s in Northern Ireland, with the house and kids. He is based in NE Mainland as a cat 5s.

Could anyone tell me what we can officially claim in terms of allowances? The JSP isn't that clear for those who are both serving.

Are we classed as Invol sep even though technically we are both in the same theatre? I can not be employed near him, or him near me. My admin staff have been helpful and are approaching the SPVA etc..

Hubster insists that because he didn't specifically ask for NI on posting (even though there isn't a job for him!) that his manning will not support our claim for invol sep.

He gets GYH and would regardless of whether it was classed as Volsep or Involsep. You clearly are Involsep, but I do not think it makes any difference in your case.

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