Involuntary separation questions

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armr617, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. greetings,

    The wife and I are being separated by posting for a couple of months.
    I will be staying in Germany with our nipper (yay, micro meals & PS3) while she goes to her new unit in UK (to the block)
    I will follow in a few months when I go on a long cse.

    None of my clerks seem to be au fait with invol sep, just the usual bloke leaving wife in UK style of separation.

    what will be the score ref accom and MUSA etc?

    cheers everybody
  2. Tell your HR Admin staff this, stop being lazy and look at JSP 725
  3. The 5s will get LSA at level one for the InVolSep and the 1s(the pad) gets nothing else.
  4. cheers, do we have to pay for block charge as well as qtr charge?
  5. Will you pm me with the unit you are at please, because I think you are either talking complete bollocks, or too scared of your HR admin (Cbt Spec) to go and ask for yourself.

    Many thanks.

    Sluggy x
  6. No as the Cat 1s will be paying for SFA. Make sure she is correctly annotated as Cat 5s on JPA.
  7. Cheers for the help guys n girls (even the unhelpful comments made me smile)
  8. Armr617 I would like to know what Unit you are at PM me so I call speak to my opo there.
  9. Can I just add, the 5s (which should be the one in the block) will get LSA at whatever level they are currently on and this will continue to add to their LSA Balance. That is the one that is detached from the Family Home.

    They are invol sep if they are both serving and posting to different theatres, only if they are volsep does LSA Level 1 apply (MUSA in old money).

    Quite a nice bonus I would say, although not too sure about the micro meals.

    You are not posted at 102 Log Bde are you as I have heard some different interpretations of the regulations there by the SPS chaps there 8O
  10. cheers shrubbery, nope I'm in 20 Bde