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Discussion in 'OTC' started by KRWC_28, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. I have been invited by a several OTC cadets two of them JUOs, after annual camp this year, should I go for it?
  2. I'm still regretting accepting that lift from Jimmy Saville.
  3. Yes, have fun, don't take it too seriously.
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  4. I wanna TASO after MTQ1
  5. Why?
  6. Same here, had a quick look for some taso information on here, but it seems to be a few years old, just wondering if you have any newer info regarding it?

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  7. Those that I know of did it by contacting a TA unit, saying they were in an OTC, asked whether they could do a fam. Rocked up a few times and a TASO got sorted. One did get her's by sucking the CO's driver off, if the rumour mill is to be believed.

    Why do you want one though? I've yet to hear of anyone who thoroughly enjoys being a TA one-pip-wonder - they mostly just do paper-work and armoury checks and are rarely needed on weekends. At TA officers' dinners there's very little bling on display, and 90% bore you so much you figure out how to top yourself with everything within arms distance. The only benefit is to perhaps go on on some 'good' (read better than an OTC's) exercises.
  8. OP - Joining an OTC is a good move but a couple of things to bear in mind.

    1. "invited to join by a JUO" - remember that the 'invitation' is to attend a selection weekend, and depending on which OTC you are trying to join the standard may be high. To put it in perspective the invitation from a JUO to join his OTC carries about as much weight as a LCpl inviting you to join his Battalion (i.e. none). If you are worth it and represent yourself well the real decision makers are likely to want you as well.

    2. "TASO" - don't worry about TASO. Enjoy year 1 and if you are serious about commissioning get online, apply and attend AOSB Briefing. By the time you get through the system everyone commissioned will be a 'TASO' and the term will most likely no longer exist.

    Indeed things are changing so quickly that this is probably out of date by the time I finish typing it.

    If you want to seem real keen make contact with the OTCs during the summer break as the staff will still be in, and find out their selection dates and where they recruit during freshers. MAke sure you leave your name so they remember your keeness!!
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  9. About right - loads of admin for JOs; perhaps less camaraderie than you might hope for; "officers' dinners there's very little bling on display and 90% bore you so much..." - too right - I know of a Lieut Colonel in the South-East, whose been in for over 15 years and has both Battle of Jubilee gongs and a TAVR thingie. That's it. He has precisely zero interesting dits about operations, as he's never been on any. And neither have most of the other TA officers I've met through him. Thoroughly boring. Stick with UOTC.
  10. Thanks for the information, I've really enjoyed myself at OTC but want something a bit more than sitting in the bar most nights! Just though the taso scheme would be quite good to look at.

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  11. OCdt_Firestarter you are obviously talking as someone who has gone through the rigorous selection process of AOSB, been one of the small minority who have been of sufficient quality to commission out of RMAS and have the balls to leave your comfortable student peer group and meet the challenge of leading others.

    Or ....... maybe you are still an OCdt as your name suggests, in which case your experience is nil and your opinion is pointless bleating.
  12. You can always join as a Tom, which seems to be the more popular option in my old OTC.
  13. Nah, not even that anymore. I can pass on the experiences of my friends though, who all (bar one) regret joining the TA as an officer. On the flip side everyone who has joined as a private, sapper or trooper has thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The only benefit I can see to a TASO would be if your end plan was to commission into the same unit as a regular - but I wouldn't comment on the validity of that thought process as I have no idea whether it would help.

    To suggest the worth of someone's opinion depends on the rank they held is a rather simplified and possibly ignorant way of looking at things, in my most humble opinion. Particularly as I had to weigh up the options myself from the same position as the people asking the questions. I don't consider myself an expert on all things military, nor do I think I was in the TA, I only comment when I feel I have something to add. Please don't kill me through my computer with your ultra-hard 1000yd stare, oh great warrior with a monopoly on knowledge.
  14. JSPrest Already done so mate :) Cheers for the advice though
  15. OCDT Firestarter, the reason I want to TASO, is so that I can get a confirmed Cadetship at sandhurst with a particular infantry regiment