Invitations to Remembrance Sunday

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Pitster, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Because I am a brown-nosing git, and because of the usual mix of cap badges worn in the County, I am going to invite my CSM and the County Shooting Officer (an ACF Major who happens to live locally) to parade with my Detachment on Remembrance Sunday.

    I would like to send each of them a proper, formal written invitation and whilst I have the Defence Writing Guide I would still value some advice about wording the letter. I am also unsure how about the salutation to a SMI from SI.

  2. why send a formal one? they'll be parading somewhere anyway, your CSM is probably wondering which detachment to parade with at this very moment, why don't you save them all that deliberation time and just phone them?

    i'm sure they'll appreciate the gesture just as much as a formal letter full of "sirs" "yours aye" "faithfully" !!!
  3. Maybe they would prefer a phone call or even an email, but I want to do things 'properly' and send an invitation using the Royal Mail (just to guarantee that it never arrives :x )

    I'm the Detachment Commander, and that's what I want to do! :D
  4. Phone 'em first to check avail and willco-ness to attend. Then send formal invite to back it up, make sure you tell everybody before you send formal letter - in full knowledge that they're coming (extra brownie points). If you know they're coming you look good, conversely, of course, if you don't, and furthermore, waste your time writing a DO (demi-official) letter ('cos that's what you need to write in this case) and waiting for a reply, you look a complete twat!

    JSP 101 in my day seemed to do the trick. Had great examples of every brown-nosed way of writing to everybody as long as you were called A N Other!
  5. I was invited informally to attended an Remembrance parade in another County by a Friend as my Detachment wasn't parading, due to the DC of that time not wanting to organise it or words to that effect.

    It went well, enjoyed myself immensly and made new contacts, renewed friendship, im sure the same will go just as well for you.
  6. Pitster
    Just phone them up! can give you the numbers if you wish?
    They wont think anyless of your for giving them a bell!

    The SSM will be there anyway mate!

    You brown nosing git!


  7. Thanks Troop, but I'm sending letters! My mind is made up.

    Stubborn, me?
  8. Hadn't you best get permission from your Coy OC first to invite them (ignorant little to$$er!)?
  9. Fcuk off. I might be a brown nose, and arrogant, but I'm not that stupid. Done it. Now fcuk off again.

    Edited to add that I'm not little, either. You dong.