Invitation to join The Security List

I hope this useful networking community might prove useful to anyone interested in moving jobs etc. Its a community that is growing very rapidly and proving very useful to now nearly 3,000 like minded people.

The Security List is an unaffiliated, non commercial, networking community for defence, security and intelligence professionals operating in high risk/ postconflict environments whose aim is to create both business and employmentopportunities for its members (both companies and individuals alike). TheSecurity List can be found on linkedin, Facebook and Twitter as follows:


There is also a website that describes the purpose of TheSecurity List and provides the links above to direct visitors to the three linksabove- this can be found at

You are very welcome to join The Security List community where you will find jobs and promotions etc posted. If you have any questions or want to get in touch directly do please email me at

What was wrong with ringing a bell and shouting "Free Beer!"
Can terry sign up too and look at everyones details on faceache?

Just asking like.
so what about those of us not on linkedin, twitter or facebook?
your discriminating against those of us who don't want our details splashed over the new media!
thought about that one have you??
Is there a section especially for older members - ie - a section on gongless cold war warriors - perhaps a Norn Iron section too where roadside bombs were roadside bombs and not new fangled IED's ?

high risk/ postconflict environments ---Do you mean Croydon ?

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