Invisible for an hour - what would you do?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by no1cares, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. I'd get myself to the nearest female university accomodation and observe...........
  2. Rest......................................Then crack on!
  3. Slip into my bank and adjust my balance.

    Then I could change my location details. Clover could replace dire straits.

    And then we could head for that univ. hall of residence, and you could hold my Cloak of Invisibilty while I relayed the good news to them - in strict rotation.
  4. Nearest baby changing facility.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    'We have breaking news coming into the studio that Mr Blair and Mr Brown have both been found hanging from a beam in No. 10 with plastic bags on their heads, trousers around their ankles and various bits of Cherie protruding from . . . erm, various orifices. We have no news as to how this could have happened as No. 10 is guarded continously with both police officers and live CCTV. We await further reports.'
  6. Any suspects? Must be a female or homo cos most of us are perving on the finest of female forms.
  7. I'd be at the Crucible, Sheffield - some rookie playing Stephen Hendry breaks and once all the balls have settled I grab the white and clear all the reds with it.

    Was gonna say clear the whole table, but I think that would be a foul.

    Then I'd go and do lots of pervy stuff - obviously.
  8. I'd sit in the corner of Bliars office and whisper "Tony, this is God. Who's been a silly cnut...."

    And then I'd pop down to the local convent and sit in the corner and whisper "Girls, this is God....."
  9. Admire myself in the mirror.
  10. I'd have a shit to see if that was invisible as well.

    If it was, i'd throw it at people.
  11. Local Girls' School changing room, swarfega, razor wire, a pair of pliers and an inflatable butt plug.
  12. Probably try and find out where the fcuk I'd gone to.
  13. Thinking about it,I'd probably run around screaming "fuck me, I'm invisible, how the hell did that happen????"
  14. ann widecombes tiolet

    just to see if she sits or stands

    it always fascinated me
  15. Id follow hedgie around as im interested in seeing strange people at work