Invisible for a day - What would you get up to?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by PandaLOVE, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Someone offers you a harmless but magic potion that when you drink it you become invisible for 24 hours after which time you return to normal. You take up the offer, drink the potion and suddenly you are invisible to everyone.

    What would you get up to for the next 24 hours?

    Remember, you can't wear clothes because you'd be seen and you leave footprints on soft ground and can still be heard. I know what I would do!
  2. Rob every bank i could find of all their used notes :D
  3. But how? It's not that easy Bossyboots. How would you get to all this money and then carry it out without the floating bags being seen?
  4. Doomandgloom,

    You might get a better reception for this if you reposted it in the NAAFI rather than the board for "Site issues, Shop, Jobs, Complaints and Ideas".

    Just a thought.

  5. Shh, don't make fun.
  6. Curl one out on my old bosses desk whilst she's sat at it. I'd watch her amazement as a cable appeared out of nowhere and landed with a splud on her desk. Fcuking arrsehole.
  7. Would it still be visible if you swallowed it or stuffed it up yer bum......?
    Could always wander into a Securicaor depot and make off with a van :D
  8. That's OK, like eating and drinking, once it enters the body it becomes invisible also. Money up the bum is a great idea and fun too.
  9. The value of money per aquare inch/ounce is not that good, so money up the bum is out. I would pop into some diamond retalers and eat their stock. Then slip into number Ten and whisper into Tony's shell like ear pretending to be those "Voices in my head". Once I have turned Blair in to a gibbering wreck I would then go off and nibble on more diamonds.
    To finish the day off I would go for a curry safe in the knowledge I would be having a £1million diamond encrust turd in the morning.
  10. I'd walk into my old boss's office and batter him.
  11. I'd lie in bed all day. The wife would think I'd gone to work.