Investors in People?

Likewise seven nonths on OPERATION OCULARRSE and low and behold you can't wear the bloody medal.... Would have liked to have known prior to buying the miniature, actually would have preferred it was not presented with the NAFF certificate without first being authorised.
Anyway the idea. Produce a scroll and you hand it to the next guy and all on the scroll will share in the irony of being on an OPERATION but without the recognition. The last one photocopies the scroll and they can all have their individual scroll of non honour. Could even time-share the medal, have buddy non medal wearing dinners, wearing non decorated Mess Kits and enjoy a good hearty laugh about the long period of seperation on OPERATIONAL Duty with no recognition. How my family laugh!!!!
Come to think over the same period last year I visited Pakistan and Oman for a couple of months regarding some sort of small skirmish in Afghanistan. Two months after arriving back I was informed I could stand down I would not need to go!! 8O That may be why I have no medal for that either... :lol:

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