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Have many people here left the forces and moved into investment banking? If so I'd really appreciate any insights you'd be willing to share. What's it like? What area of investment banking are you in? What methods of job hunting did you find most efficient? Or anything else you think might be useful to a service leaver considering it as a career.

Thanks in advance.
What area of investment banking do you want to get into? The list is endless, operations, compliance, finance, equity capital markets, debt capital markets, origination, execution, corporate finance etc etc etc

The first step should be to decide what you want to do, otherwise you will flounder. Try looking at efinancial careers on the internet. They have a section that should explain each area for you.

Do you intend to do any professional qualifications before you leave? It is now not really possible just to step straight out of the army into a front office banking position without some heavy weight quals behind you i.e. at least a masters degree. Also anything less than a 2.1 at bachelors then forget it. Many people do the ACA first (chartered accountancy qualification) before going into banking. If you are prepared to spend 3 years at Deloittes or PWC or whatever to get this then the banking world will snap you up.

The area that many ex army go into is operations. This is DULL! This is the part of the bank that adnministers all the work that the guys who are making the money do. i.e. reconcilling their trading accounts (checking for errors) etc etc Some people misguidedly think that this is a way into the front isn't. Some people make it through that route, but the majority just find they are tarred with the back office brush. I hope this helps as a starter, but if you need anything else PM me. I don't check this much so i may not respond for a while!
Another thing you may come across is that Investment Banking experience is a requirement before any recruitment agency will forward your CV for any posts advertised. How can you get the necessary experience? Let me know if you find out.

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